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Osaka Feb’19: Solaniwa Onsen & Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower

Solaniwa Onsen – A HOT-SPRING THEME PARK? I think I’ve found a brand new reason to love Osaka even more. The world’s biggest hot-spring theme park, Solaniwa Onsen (spanning more than 16,500 square metres!) is…

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Osaka Feb’19: Universal Studios Japan Yet Again?!

No-one ever misses out Universal Studios Japan™ when they visit Osaka, not even when you’ve been there multiple times, like I have! There’s just something incredibly magical about Universal Studios Japan™ – coupled with the…

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Osaka Feb’19: Abeno Harukas, 7 things to do!

Did you know? Abeno Harukas is the tallest building not just in Osaka, but in the whole of Japan! Japan is my favourite holiday destination! The first Japan trip to kickstart my 2019 came earlier than I…

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