Less is More: A Holistic Journey In Taipei with FANCL & Janine Chang

Do you agree that Less is More?

It seems that as the years pass, less is indeed becoming more to me – I’m wearing lesser makeup, I care less about people/things that shouldn’t matter to me, and I’m learning to appreciate the simpler things in life, paring life down to its basic essentials with no unnecessary frills nor drama.

FANCL’s no preservatives philosphy has always resonated strongly with me, and I was glad for this opportunity to spend time in Taipei to realign myself holistically, together with FANCL!

FANCL Taipei Media Press Trip 2017


It was with great excitment that we flew into Taipei, Taiwan from Singapore for FANCL’s media conference with media and press from all over the region!

Checking into Le Meridien Taipei


I loved the central location and luxurious ambience of Le Meridien Taipei, where we were put up for two nights! Le Meridien Taipei is known to be one of the best hotels in Taipei for their excellent hospitality and posh facilities.


Of course, our stay was made all the better with FANCL products prepared for us by the wonderful team. From FANCL’s iconic Washing PowderCleansing Oil to their Amino Shampoo and Conditioner!

Dinner at Mountain and Sea House 山海樓


We had an intimate dinner with the FANCL team at Mountain and Sea House Restaurant, renown for their vintage Taiwanese cuisine!


The FANCL team kindly prepared some treats for us!

One of the best-kept beauty secrets around? FANCL’s best-selling TENSE UP collagen drink for more youthful and suppler skin!

Thank goodness for the two slimming supplements too – Calorie Cut and Fat Burner for blocking calories and burning fats for us to eat guilt-free!


We enjoyed a course of delicious dishes prepared with the healthy ingredients and fresh local produce that 山海樓 is known for. All the dishes were simply prepared but delicious and wholesome!


In line with FANCL’s no-preservatives ideology, every dish is made with ingredients that are completely organic and sourced entirely from local farms!

I truly enjoyed Mountain and Sea House‘s traditional Taiwanese cuisine that was so delicate and exquisite, miles apart from Taiwan’s street food, but utterly delicious!


FANCL Press Conference


Ready for the FANCL press conference with my BBF Evonne!


FANCL’s signature products: Facial Washing Powder, Mild Cleansing Old, Moisturising Emulsion and Moisturising Lotion! These star products are some of my favourites too!

I think FANCL did an excellent job of picking their brand ambassador – Janine Chang (張鈞甯) exudes such a pure, natural and healthy vibe, and embodies FANCL and its “Less is more” philosophy perfectly!

By taking a preservative-free approach towards her life and skincare, gorgeous Janine believes in being empowered to make the conscious choice to choose pollutant-free beauty – FANCL.

Fine Dining Dinner at RAW Taipei

Dinner after the press conference was at Raw by Andre Chiang, one of the best contemporary fine-dining restaurants in Taipei!



In fact, we happened to be there at the same time as popular Taiwanese host 小S (which we only found out after we left….) – Do you spot her in this picture above?


Watching the chefs work their magic in the open-concept kitchen, which we were seated right in front of!


Every morsel of food truly blew me away! I enjoyed each course immensely, from its presentation to how different flavours and ingredients came together in a playful and creative manner that kept all my senses intrigued and entertained. Definitely worth a second visit the next time I’m in Taipei!

Tea Appreciation & Lunch at 食养山房 Shi-Yang Culture Restaurant


On our last day together, we spent a serene afternoon at 食养山房, a quaint and peaceful tea house tucked away into the picturesque mountainous wilderness of Yang Ming Shan.



The art of tea appreciation lies in the ritualistic and careful preparation of tea, brewed from the finest aromatic leaves that calms the senses and relaxes the soul.




Lunch at 食养山房 was so good! The zen atmosphere combined with the beautifully presented dishes that were so healthfully prepared made for an extremely memorable meal. Every dish came plated like a work of art and tasted just as wonderful. Or maybe it was just the mountain air that made everything extra appetizing.

If you happen to be in Taipei and you’re looking for a retreat away from the stress and noise of daily life, do spend some time at 食养山房 to rejuvenate and nourish the soul!

More of these essential health supplements – I really need to stock up on my Tense Up drinks and slimming supplements soon!

Although this was a very short trip, I truly had an enlightening time exploring the essence of FANCL’s “no preservative” approach that can be applied in so many aspects of living! Every conscious effort goes a long way towards nuturing a healthy mind, body and soul.

Here’s one with the entire Singapore team – Thank you for sending us over, FANCL!

FANCL is available at the following locations:

Bugis Junction



Suntec City


Raffles City

Isetan Scotts


You can also take a look at FANCL Singapore’s website to check out the range of products available!

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