Hong Kong Disneyland Day 2 & 3!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2013

Here we go.. The rest of Hong Kong Disneyland, Days 2 and 3! If you haven’t seen Part 1 (Day 1), please read it here: Hong Kong Disneyland Day 1!

Day 2

I could hardly bring myself to drag myself out of our comfy hotel bed.. but I was so looking forward to breakfast at Enchanted Gardens, Disneyland Hotel! Woke up, and got ready in record time, all ready to roll.

We took the resort shuttle bus as usual, and got ourselves to Enchanted Gardens, stomachs prepared!

Isn’t the entrance super magical looking? I felt like I was in Cinderella’s backyard or something! All pristine white with (fake) overhanging vines. And spot the Mickey fountain!

The breakfast at Enchanted Gardens was served buffet style, and the variety was HUGE! There’s all sorts, from Western breakfast items, to Asian food like Indian and Chinese. I didn’t even attempt to try a little bit of everything because there was TOOO much!

And hello! ^.^ Excited breakfast face, yay!

Just some of the food we had.. Mickey waffle for you? I really liked the Western breakfast items like the beef patties, bacon and ham! Yum.

And whilst we were in the middle of enjoying our delicious breakfast, guess who came to join us at our table!!

Yes, none other than Mickey Mouse himself!!! Hello Mickey! Looking good!!!

Mickey was so cute!! And I loved how he kept us entertained with his “acting” and hand gestures.. The characters can’t talk so they have to use hand gestures and body language to communicate with us instead. Super adorbs!

Pluto came around next, and all the children loved him! Look at Pluto interacting with all the little kids, who were dressed up as princesses too! Awww.

I remember always trying to draw Pluto cartoons when I was younger! Haha. Now I get to meet him, larger than life size.

Okay, after all the excitement. Back to breakfast. Ahahaha. Check out my Mickey shaped pancake! Sorry, I know the obsession with all the cute Mickey foods is kinda overboard, but honestly, they are REALLY REALLY cute!

By the way, we got a “professionally taken” picture with Mickey, which can be purchased right at the table! The staff will go around with the pictures for your viewing, then you can decide whether or not you want to purchase them. We bought a few of them, cos YZ thinks they are really nice souvenirs of the trip!

Headed right over to the resort park after breakfast, today we were determined to spend our entire day trying as many rides as we could, that we didn’t get to try the day before! :DDDD

Us on Main Street U.S.A! This street houses all the cute shops, and is designed to resemble the center of a turn-of-the-century (c. 1910) American town. (I got that information from Wikipedia!)

I also read that in the first Disneyland USA, the names painted in the windows on Main Street serve as credits for some of the many people, Imagineers and others, who contributed in some way to the creation of Disneyland. Largely they appear as fictional businesses (gyms, realtors, dentists), and they often refer to a hobby or interest that the person honored. Ub Iwerks’s window, for example, refers to his prowess with cameras.


That’s one of the things I love about Disneyland, and what makes it so different from other theme parks! It’s how every single little thing has got a story behind it. Who doesn’t love stories? I really do!

Inside the Sweet shop that sold pretty looking cookies, and the cutest character puppets, we bought a couple home for YZ’s nephew and niece! ^.^

We decided to get ourselves some ice cream, not because it a super hot day, but because I was like,


Me with my Minnie Mouse shaped ice cream. LOL. #missionaccomplished

I really like how there are so many quaint looking nooks and spots along Main Street U.S.A! Super nice for camwhoring at because it’s all so pretty and pastel and vintage looking. YZ and I stole a couple of pictures in someone’s front porch! 😛

We headed to Tomorrow Land, and chanced upon the coolest street cleaners/sweepers striking up a fast and furious beat on their pails and trash cans! Woaaa!!! That’s another fun bit in Disneyland, you’ll always spot lots of random street performers showing off to the interested crowd! It is thoroughly entertaining and engaging!

We had a go on the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and everyone’s favorite: Space Mountain!!!

Okay, I was so crap at the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters shooting game that I wanted to give up after awhile. I believe YZ’s score was like 4 times of mine or something =__=

But Space Mountain was incredibly fun!! It’s an indoor roller coaster thats completely in the dark.. save for some dim flickering lights and special sound effects that make you feel like you’re in outer space! Wheeee!!! Too fun!

Another of the attractions we didn’t try the day before was Mickey’s PhiharMagic, a 4D film attraction!

We had to queue and wait quite long, but the show was really cute and entertaining! And there’s one segment in the show when you actually SMELL the “food” on the screen! 😀

I thought the way the show ended was super cute too, but I’m not gonna be a spoiler! I’m sure you can find Youtube videos if you really want to know, or experience it for yourself when you visit Hong Kong Disneyland!

It was time for lunch shortly after, so we went to Corner Cafe back at Main Street U.S.A!

We picked quite a few items for sharing, including some mains and a high tea set, followed by dessert! 😀 I’m not too sure how we managed to stuff so much food into our tummies even after such a huge buffet spread breakfast, BUT WE DID.

Just some of the food we had, there was a pork ribs, a vegetable lasagna, and a mixed grill platter! And the Disney High Tea set, needless to say we were all snapping away with our cameras for a good 10 minutes… Well, the camera gets to eat for the blog first.

Even the scones were Mickey-shaped! :O How do they do that??

There was seriously so much food on our table, we could possibly feed the entire parade! Hahaha. Ok, just kidding.

Ice Cream Parfait with more Mickey-shaped chocolate and biscuit!

Mickey waffles with fresh cream and strawberries!!! My favourite kind of dessert! And it was delish 😀

And it’s desserts posing time! Cute desserts always deserve to be posed with. Ahaha.

We went back to exploring the park after lunch! There’s actually a whole lot to see and try at Hong Kong Disneyland, and I honestly think it will take up at least one full day of your time to queue up for and all the popular rides and attractions! Plus you have got to catch the Flights of Fantasy Parade, and the fireworks at night.

Whoever said that Hong Kong Disneyland is too small and not worth your time, I totally do not agree! Especially with the new areas to explore… More on that later in the post! ^.^

Super cute balloons please? I would so get one of these, but I really have no use for them!

The balloon man was besieged with requests from us squealing fangirls, begging to take a shot with the huge bunch of balloons.

We did the Jungle River Cruise the day before at Adventure Land, so today we ascended Tarzan’s Tree House instead! This was a walk-through Tarzan’s Tree House, while narrating the story of Tarzan with scenes and props. Very nicely done!

Our last ride for the day: It’s A Small World! This was a relaxing cruise through different parts of the world, all in pastel and pretty colors. Great end to the day!

You get to “travel” around the world with dolls dressed in various ethnic costumes, with the theme song “It’s A Small World After All” playing in many different languages throughout! My favourite parts of the boat ride, there was Hawaii with Lilo and Stitch, and an Underwater World with Ariel and other mermaids! Toooo adorable!

And the clock struck 7 just as we left.. With a clockwork procession that appeared from a door on the building!

Went back to Disneyland Hotel for dinner, at Walt’s Cafe!

It was a nice and dimly-lit restaurant with a very posh and soothing ambience, as well as the most impeccable service! PS. Do you spot those pictures on the wall? They’re all pictures of Walt Disney, the man behind the legacy! There were also letters and sketches by Walt Disney, with his early visions of Disney theme park.

The french onion soup, butter chicken and cod fish were especially good!

And thus we ended off yet another magical and happy day with a wonderful meal at Waltz’s Cafe! After which it was back to Hollywood Hotel to rest for the night before we spent our last day at Disneyland.. :'(


Day 3

Two days passed by so quickly, and it was with reluctance that we got up on Day 3.. For the very last day of the trip! Meh.. Almost over too soon!

We had our breakfast at Chef Mickey RestaurantHollywood Hotel! Didn’t have to travel for breakfast this time, cos it was just right downstairs in the same hotel! Yayyy. Yet another awesome buffet spread! Buffets are the best, cos you can pick what you want to eat. Heh.

Some of the spread: Ranges from dim sum to fruits and yes, I got yogurt and cereal to start off my meal!

I’m ALWAYS happy to see food 😀 (肥死我了~)

Especially when there’s more Mickeys on my plate!! And cute smiley faced hash browns too!

Tucking into our last breakfast in Disneyland!

Popped by the gift store before we went over to the resort park to get some little souvenirs for YZ’s baby nephew and niece afterwards!

To my surprise, most of the items on sale are reasonably priced, I had expected them to be more costly! Aren’t those iPhone cases super cute? Loved the one of Scrump, from Lilo and Stitch, awww.

Had to get our touristy shot taken in front of the very first park sign!


One of the street vendors selling more Disney merchandise, cute hats and hair accessories!

Mickey and Minnie wannabes HAHA. But we’re so color-coordinated teehee!

We didn’t buy them though, but the nice Disney staff even helped us take pictures when we asked him if he could do so! How nice of him! ^.^

A picture in front of Main Street Station! Had wanted to go on this monorail the previous day, but the queue was insane, so we skipped it. The queue was much shorter this time, so off we went!

This picture was so nicely taken… By YZ! Doesn’t it look like I’m entering a magical door into a whole new world?

We had some time to kill before the next activity on our itinerary, so we just strolled around, and explored the shops!

We approached random Disney staff to help us with photo-taking alot of the time, and they were always happy to oblige with a shot! 😀

Inside the bakery on Main Street U.S.A, Mickey Tiramisu and Mickey Cookies, too cute!

We were walking along Main Street U.S.A when this vehicle appeared, and everyone started whipping out their cameras and taking pictures, so I did the same thing LOL. Apparently, there were dignitaries visiting the park that day so they got the “royal” treatment by riding down Main Street U.S.A in that car! Cool.

Time for the next activity on our itinerary, and this was what I was really excited about: it was a media preview of the new themed area that’s not yet open to the public, Mystic Point!

We got a special press kit and lanyard too, all themed to suit the new Mystic Point land!

Even got cute props to wear! Hahahaha.

Here we are… at Mystic Point!

Mystic Point, the final chapter of Hong Kong Disneyland’s current expansion project, will officially open on May 17, 2013. Rich in storytelling, Mystic Manor, an all-new, original attraction within Mystic Point, is home to brand new characters, special effects and architecture, each of which seamlessly blends with technology designed to transport guests into a strange and fantastic universe beyond their imaginations. 

The story of Mystic Point follows the adventures of eccentric explorer and art collector Lord Henry Mystic, who invites Guests to board the Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage for a tour of his private museum located within his Victorian manor house. When Lord Henry’s companion monkey Albert mischievously opens a newly acquired magical music box, the enchanted Music Dust inside is released and, a mysterious journey begins. 

The star attraction is the ride through Mystic Manor, and it was REALLY fun! We went on it twice, and because there are four carriages with different views during the ride, you get a different perspective each time. It was a totally immersive experience, as we travelled through the house of Lord Henry Mystic, and watched the story of the artifacts coming to life!

And just for a bonus, the soundtrack of the ride is written by Danny Elfman, (famed composer of animated films such as Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas) I love his music, and it added an extra magical touch to this attraction!

Roseanne, Jacob, YZ and myself on the ride for the second time!

We had our lunch at the new Explorer’s Club Restaurant in Mystic Point which has five themed dining areas where Guests are invited to dine in rooms that reflect cultures and styles of exotic locations, including Egypt, Russia, Morocco, India and China.

A diverse range of cuisines with popular dishes from Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia are served, including dishes which are making their first appearances in the Park, such as Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, Sautéed Rice Cake with Cabbage and Korean Chili Sauce, Shabu Shabu with Mixed Vegetables, and more! Also, take a look at the newly introduced special beverage, Blueberry Myst!

Had our food served buffet style so we could taste everything, and guess what, they even had Hainanese Chicken Rice! (Which actually tasted pretty decent!)

The special Blueberry Myst.. It glows with a strange light! Which we later investigated and found out to be a LED light cube placed inside the cup 😀 So fun!

There’s also a Garden of Wonders at Mystic Point.. And in this garden, this several ancient sculptures and mosaics with unbelievable 3D illusions are displayed for you to take cool mystifying looking photos with!

LOOK AT THIS! :DDDD I got shrunk!

Everyone I showed this picture to were pretty amazed and couldn’t figure out how it worked until I told them. But nope I’m not gonna share how it works here! 😛 You might be able to guess though (hint: look at the previous photo and you might see a littie clue there), it’s a simple optical illusion!

Moustache props! YZ looks so silly here!

The end of our Mystic Point exploration! Definitely a fun new addition to Hong Kong Disneyland.. You have to experience the ride for yourself!

Mystic Point, the final chapter of Hong Kong Disneyland’s current expansion project, will officially open on May 17, 2013.


Our time in the park was drawing to a close… and we still hadn’t tried the famed Turkey Leg yet!!

The queue for this was real long, but you have gotta try it! Tastes better than some of the cafe food, I swear. Hahaha.

IT’S SO HUGEEEE TOO. YZ and I shared one! It was so juicy we had difficult eating it properly. YUMS!

Heard the familiar music starting again, and we hung around to watch our very last Flights of Fantasy Parade… It was still as fun to watch as the first time!

I spotted this adorable little girl, who was happily waving at the characters and performers! If even a jaded and cynical adult like me can find so much joy and pleasure in Disneyland.. I can’t begin to imagine how enthralling and magical it’d feel for the little ones :’)

Ahhhhh my favourite Lilo and Stitch float! Look at that giant boat/swing thingy, the two performers on it were swinging it forwards and backwards! I love how the Stitch on top of the float is surfing on “ocean waves” that were made of blue flowers, with little fishes in them! AND this float had a bubble-making machine too! Spot them bubbles!

Last picture with Mr Whale and Mickey.. Good bye, will miss you guys!

The last Mickey-shaped thing I’m gonna be seeing for a while ;__;

And my final glimpse of Hong Kong Disneyland..

Thank YOU for the amazing and magical experience.. I really enjoyed my three days in Hong Kong Disneyland! Time to leave the magic behind and return to real life. Both YZ and I had a wonderful time and the happy memories and pictures will stay with us a lifetime! It was truly magical, and our stay at the Hollywood hotel really allowed us to better appreciate the Disney experience in its entirety.

I’ve visited a good many theme parks in my life, but none have ever made me feel the way Hong Kong Disneyland has, like I’m embracing a good childhood friend and getting to know him all over again, but better! Neither have I felt such a ridiculous sense of joy and overwhelming happiness just by looking at dressed up characters dance down the street. It’s partially the infectious and happy energy of the performers and the staff, everyone just really looks so happy, so enthusiastic, and so excited just to be there! And that has made all the difference for me. Truly, there is magic in the air at Hong Kong Disneyland!

Til I see you again! Thank you, Hong Kong Disneyland!


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