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Taipei Jan’15: Staying at W Taipei

Nothing comes close to truly luxurious as a stay in a five-star luxury hotel, especially when you’re talking about one as swanky and urban as W Taipei! The best kind of hotel is one that…

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Taipei Jan’15: 寧夏夜市! Food Trail at Ningxia Night Market

Visiting Taipei’s infamous night markets are a must when you go to Taiwan, and even though this was my first time in Taiwan, I’d already heard of various night markets, though not of Ningxia Night…

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Taipei Jan'15: 十分放天灯! Releasing Sky Lanterns at Shifen

Hello everyone! Hope CNY has been super duper awesome! I had a pretty interesting first CNY with my new family: wrote a little about my CNY on my Dayre in this entry here, if you’re keen…

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