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Ice-cream Making Workshop at Tom’s Palette + K-Palette Limited Edition Eyeliner!

i must admit it: i’m a horrible cook! the only thing i can cook without messing the kitchen up is instant noodles. hahahaha. but i’m pretty damn good at cooking instant noodles okay! it’s an…

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K-Palette give-away results! + camera phone lens fun

HELLO!!!here to announce the 4 lucky winners for the K-Palette give away! 😀 😀 😀 i used RANDOM.ORG to generate 4 lucky numbers (wa machiam 4D like that) from the 159 readers who took part…

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K-Palette: eyes on you!

spot Fel in TVD’s Warehouse-inspired Embroidery Dress! bwahaha.had so much fun at K-Palette’s Eyes On You Beauty Blogger Workshop earlier today!we had an extremely well-done demonstration by a super kawaii and pretty make-artist artist all…

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