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Bali Mar’15: 6 Things I’ve Learnt About Bali in 2 Days

Heya everyone! It’s been some time since my last post, and while I’m still working on my Taiwan travelogues, I thought I’d share another Bali post that was first posted on GetKlarity’s E-Magazine last week,…

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Bali Mar’15: Yina goes to Bali with Team GetKlarity

Heya everyone!!! Here I am.. Reporting live from Bali, Indonesia! Glad to have the opportunity to do one of my favourite things again: travel, always! All thanks to GetKlarity for sending me over together with them!…

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5 Must-Try Cafes in Singapore!

This article was originally written for and cross-posted on Klarity right here!  Read my articles on Klarity’s blog. Hello folks! Say hello to the Klarity Editor-In-Chief.. AKA me! Yes, I’ve taken on a new job responsibility and you…

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