Review: 3M Prestige Window Film & Whiteboard Film At Work

Before installing 3M Prestige Window Film & Whiteboard Film

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It’s been over two years since I installed 3M Prestige Window Film & Whiteboard Film, also over two years since I moved into this little office space which has turned from an empty shell into a cosy and welcome space that I love walking into every single time! I especially love how the entire office is lit up with gorgeous sunlight from the entire wall-length of windows.

Although I love the natural sunlight streaming into my office, I encountered my first problem – The crazy afternoon HEAT! Even after installing blinds that were supposed to help block out some of the sunlight and heat, the office was still getting unbearably hot when the direct afternoon sun hit us around 1-2PM.

After researching on various options, I decided upon 3M Prestige Window Film.


Despite the fact that some companies claim to be just as good as 3M Window Films in terms of film performance, the truth is that those claims are NOT backed by facts and lab test reports (unlike 3M).

Some of them might also promise long warranty periods, but who really knows if the company still be around in future for the customer to claim their warranty?

You might not know this, but 3M owns the world’s first patent for sun control window films in 1966. That makes those patents older than I am!

I also felt assured, because 3M films comes with a warranty backed by the most trusted global brand in window films – 3M Company.

3M is also the only window film company to produce its own adhesives! I mean, it’s 3M! From Scotch® Tape and Post-It® Notes to permanent construction adhesives, 3M is a world leader in adhesive technologies. This gives me 100% confidence that the window film will last for a long time!

Choosing Prestige Window Film

Trying out different tint levels of 3M Prestige Window Film

The team from Jestac, the sole distributor for 3M Window Films in Singapore came down to my office for a consultation so that I could learn more about the different options available to me.

During consultation

One of my key concerns was keeping out the heat and UV rays while still allowing natural sunlight into the office – I was assured to know that due to its superior technology, even the clear Prestige Window Film is able to outperform most of the darker tinted films in the market!

During the consultation, I found out that my windows are West-facing, which means that we get the full brunt of the afternoon sun/heat, which makes window film installation even more essential. I decided on a tint (The one I picked was shade PR60) that would block out a good amount of heat but still not look too dark/tinted!

At the same time, 3M Window Films doesn’t just help with heat, it also helps with UV rejection, so that lesser harmer UV rays penetrates through to damage our skin!

Installing 3M Prestige Window Film

Installing 3M Prestige Window Film

The installation process was a breeze. Jestac, the only authorised distributor for 3M Window Films in Singapore, sent their efficient and well-versed installation team and got the Prestige Window Films installed and ready in a couple of hours! There was no mess or fuss, and my furnishings were protected with plastic sheets before the installation, preventing any accidental damage.

Installing 3M Whiteboard Film

At the same time, I also installed 3M Whiteboard Film on a section of my wall – 3M Whiteboard Film can be installed on any wall or flat surface for collaboration, regardless of the wall size! It even doubles up as a projection screen as well, perfect for work settings and office environments.

Installing 3M Whiteboard Film

I like how the 3M Whiteboard Film has a matte finish so that it doesn’t look too glaringly out of place and blends in with my white walls! It’s perfect for jotting down important details we need to see at a glance, like our customer fitting schedule and important dates.

How my Whiteboard Film looks after 2 years. It is so handy!


Two years later, I am still superbly pleased with the performance of my 3M Prestige Window Film! It has shown no signs of wear or tear, is able to let most of the light in, while keeping the unwanted heat and UV out.

Natural Daylight can still stream in even with the 3M Prestige Window Film

Even with the 3M Prestige Window Film, I can use the natural daylight for my photoshoots, product shots and the likes, which is very important for me!

Check out 3M Whiteboard Film in the left corner and my 3M Prestige Window Film-tinted windows!

Apart from that, the window tint has helped to extend the life of my furnishings: 3M Prestige Films are designed to block 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, the largest cause of fading. My furniture is still in pristine condition, with no fading or discoloration due to sun damage.

Would I choose 3M Film again for my next office/home, the answer is a resounding YES!

Always enjoying the natural light streaming into my office yet without the unbearable heat and harmful UV rays!


Keen on installing 3M Prestige Window Film in your home? To arrange a free onsite consultation at no obligation, WhatsApp Jestac at 9189 9896 or simply visit and fill up the contact form. 

A consultant from Jestac will contact you to arrange an appointment so he can measure your windows and recommend a suitable film type based on your needs, before providing a quote.


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