My Plastic Surgery Experience with Eunogo in Seoul (Part 1)

Had you asked me if I would consider plastic surgery in South Korea a few years ago, I’m pretty sure my answer would have been a NO. Even now, three months after my experience in Seoul, I’m still a little amazed and incredulous that I went through with it.

Right before the plastic surgery happened. Hello there~!


Let’s start off by saying that the term plastic surgery is quite a loosely-used term when it comes to any kinds of cosmetic/aesthetic enhancements or procedures that involve going under the knife or sedation.

I’m sure that everyone has got their own insecurities when it comes to physical appearances, and I am no different. There are parts of my physical appearance that I have always secretly harboured the thoughts of changing/improving. However, I’d never had the courage or given plastic surgery serious consideration. That was before I hooked up with Eunogo, and FINALLY went through with something I never thought I would do!

Although I didn’t do anything dramatically drastic, I did “go under the knife” so as to speak, with a series of procedures both invasive and non-invasive, namely: Under-Arm Fat Liposuction (Ultra Z liposuction), Undereye Fat Repositioning, Belody Fat Dissolving Laser, Rejuran Healer & Doublo lifting Laser, all via beauty medical concierge, Eunogo.

Essentially, I wanted to improve and enhance how I looked, but still look like myself and not become a completely different person. The number of procedures sound complicated and confusing, but bear with me, I will bring you guys through the whole process together with me!

Disclaimer: Plastic surgery or any form of aesthetic procedures is a personal choice, and I feel that doing any kind of plastic surgery should be an informed decision made by yourself. By sharing my experience, I hope that more people can understand more and be better informed about plastic surgery/aesthetic procedures instead of going into it blind.

About Eunogo

Apart from how scary surgery sounds already, there were so many factors that stopped me from actually going through with any form of invasive plastic surgery.

Although I believed that Seoul would be the best place to get plastic surgery done, I had zero experience or knowledge about repotable clinics/doctors, neither did I know the Korean language or have any points of contact in Seoul. What if the end results were horrible or something went wrong somewhere?

Then, I happened to stumble across Eunogo on social media one day – The more I read about Eunogo‘s beauty medical concierge services, the more the idea of getting surgery/plastic surgery done overseas seemed so much more feasible, straightforward and a whole lot less worrying!

A one-stop beauty medical concierge

Eunogo is a one-stop service where you can discover and book quality beauty procedures in Seoul, Singapore and Bangkok, with personalized concierge services you received, such as private transfer, medical coordination, language translations, 24/7 concierge support and more!

Without the professional services of Eunogo, I doubt that I would feel assured or safe to undergo any form of aesthetic treatments or procedures, especially overseas. We’ve all heard and seen of botched jobs, badly done surgeries and the likes. What a horror it would be if it were to happen to me!

I did a fair bit of research prior to working together with Eunogo, and felt assured that I was in very safe hands with the team at Eunogo who assisted from start to end of my plastic surgery journey.

Eunogo streamlines and verifies trusted medical partners through data screening, background checks and references, to ensure that only the best and most reputable clinics/surgeons will be selected for their clients.

For foreign clients who choose to do procedures or treatments in another country, Eunogo also provides private transportation services – Clients will be picked up from the airport as well as between hotel to clinic for consultation visits and surgery!

During my very first meeting with the Eunogo team in Singapore (big shout-out to Joy and Kristine!), they explained all of the above to me and were very knowledgeable in regards to various aesthetic procedures/treatments, setting me at ease with their professionalism and expertise. We discussed my main concerns and how Eunogo would be able to be of service during this entire process.

After that, things moved very quickly as Eunogo worked swiftly to find a good and reputable clinic, getting in touch with me regularly and answering all of my queries and concerns.

Once the dates were finalised, we were set to fly to South Korea in matter of weeks and the exciting journey began.

Off to the land of plastic surgery we go!

Why Seoul and Not Singapore?

Deciding on getting my plastic surgery/aesthetic procedures done in Seoul was a no brainer. I was already travelling to Seoul in winter (the best time for any procedures as the cold weather makes recovery faster and easier).

Seoul is after all known to be the capital of plastic surgery in Asia, and the number of plastic surgeons in Seoul greatly exceed those in Singapore. They are constantly on the frontline of new aesthetic medical innovations, and with the help of Eunogo, I was confident that I would be able to find a good, experienced clinic who could perform the procedures I wanted to get done with the most effective results.

Day Zero: My First Time at Ruby Plastic Surgery (Consultation + Doublo Laser)

Of course, I was still mildly apprehensive on the day of my consultation at Ruby Plastic Surgery, the clinic that Eunogo had arranged my procedures to be done at. That was before I met Jun, my bubbly, friendly and sweet concierge manager at the lobby of my hotel for the first time!

With my partner in tow (yes, he flew over with me to accompany me and take care of me during my recovery period!), Jun called a taxi for us and brought us to Ruby Plastic Surgery where I would have a first meeting with one of the clinic consultants so that we could discuss about the procedures I wanted to get done.

I was so thankful for Jun because she speaks really good English and was there the entire time to translate and ask questions on my behalf!

Interior of Ruby Plastic Surgery (image from google)

Eunogo told me that Ruby Plastic Surgery is a very famous and well-known clinic, but I was still shocked by how crowded the clinic was! Apparently, there are back-to-back surgeries and consultations happening every day. I was also comforted by the fact that most of the patients I saw at the clinic were locals – Added a lot of credibility points to the clinic as I believe that the locals know best!

Although I had already discussed with the Eunogo team beforehand about the procedures I wanted to do, a face-to-face consultation is still necessary, of course!

First consult! That’s Jun, Concierge Manager at Eunogo on my left, hard at work translating for me

In Seoul, it’s usual to have a medically-certified consultant (not the surgeon or doctor performing the procedure) who are the first line of consultation for all patients and will look at you first to give you opinions, advice and information on various procedures and treatments, because what we want to do may not necessarily be the most effective procedure to tackle the issue we want to solve.

Going in-depth with the consultant at Ruby Plastic Surgery about procedures

After my initial consult, I was quite fortunate to get to speak to Dr Hu as well, the surgeon who would be in charge of my surgery! As the surgeons are very busy everyday with back-to-back surgeries, not every patient gets to see their surgeon until the actual day surgery consultation.

At Ruby Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul, South Korea
Speaking to Dr Hu, the chief Plastic Surgeon at Ruby Plastic Surgery

What set me at ease at Ruby Plastic Surgery is that the consultant and doctors were all very patient with no airs. There was no hard selling or pushiness into doing any procedures that I wasn’t interested in, and they took the time to explain everything I wanted to know (with the helpful translation from Jun), making me feel very assured and comfortable.

Although I wanted to look better, I didn’t want to look different, or end up looking “plastic”. My main aim was to fix and correct some of my problem areas that have always plagued me – big/flabby arms, a meaty neck/double chin and sunken/puffy under eyes.

First and foremost, arm liposuction. Having struggled with weight loss my entire life, I’ve always found that my arms were disproportionately large, even at my slimmest/fittest. It was frustrating because I have very slim wrists and a small head, but my arms looked huge especially in photos, and I always felt insecure wearing sleeveless outfits.

After reading up on liposuction and other non-invasive methods, it seemed to be my best shot at getting rid of the flabby deposits on my arms (especially targeting the underarm), and I really hoped it would help me reduce the size of my arms so that I could feel more confident about wearing all the pretty sleeveless clothes I liked to wear!


A new technology called Ultra-Z has been developed to melt even the most stubborn fat into liquid and remove it. This procedure leaves a smooth skin surface, unlike other methods. By shining high rays into the skin, fat cells are destroyed. This procedure can be done even on thinner skin surfaces, where fat is difficult to remove using traditional liposuction.

PS. I did also consider liposuction on my thighs/love handles, but I wanted to deal with my arms first because it’s much easier to hide flabby thighs and love handles than arms, IMO. Plus, I was sure I would need the lower body strength during my recovery period!!

My other areas of concern were my double chin and my sunken under eyes, two other problems that’s plagued me for the longest time. With the consultant and Dr Hu’s professional opinions and recommendations, we decided on Belody fat dissolving laser and under eye fat repositioning surgery for the best results!

Eyes before under eye fat repositioning

I used to be particularly bothered by the double eye bag under my left eye because apart from the asymmetrical look it gave me, it also made me look tired all the time.

This issue isn’t easily fixed, not with makeup, and not even with semi-invasive procedures such as under eye fillers. I had all but given up hope on this, but when my consultant suggested under eye fat repositioning surgery and showed me some before and after images, I was 100% sold!!


Under-eye fat repositioning surgery is an excellent way to remove those unwanted fats and correct the dark circles to look younger and brighter. It removes protruding fats and corrects sunken lower eyelids by filling up the hollow area with the removed fat.

Didn’t know this beforehand, but under eye fat repositioning is a very commonly done procedure in Seoul for similar issues as mine, and it is touted to be very effective with a short downtime of roughly 10-14 days. The incisions would be made from inside the inner eyelids with zero visible scarring, and it could be done together with my arm liposuction since I would be put under sleeping anaesthesia already.

I really disliked my side profile as well, because I have a rather short neck that is not well-defined, this double chin always showed up in my candid pictures or videos and I was hoping to be able to get rid of it somehow.


Doublo is a deep skin tightening treatment using HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology. It targets and delivers energy precisely to dermal and SMAS layer where it is most needed, leaving the surface of the skin unaffected. As a result, tighter, rejuvenated and firmer skin can be achieved with almost no downtime. Doublo can be applied to full face including chin and mandible lines, neck, eye areas, forehead, eyebrows as well as cheeks.

To tackle the problem of my double chin, I would first do Doublo lifting Laser on my jawline for skin tightening and rejuvenation. This treatment makes use of high intensity intensive ultrasound to tighten and lift skin. As it is non-invasive, it does not need to be done under sedation, so it was scheduled to be done immediately on the same day as my consultation.

Following Doublo lifting Laser to improve elasticity and tighten skin, I was recommended Belody Fat Dissolving Laser as the most effective way to see an improvement in my jawline and double chin, as I only had two weeks stay in Seoul.


It is a liposuction laser which uses optimized laser wavelength of 1444nm (nanometers) for lipolysis. By using this, doctors sophisticatedly melt away only fat from the body. Besides dissolving fat tissue stored in the face for a slimmer facial line, it is also used to stimulate collagen production for a tightening anti aging effect.

Like the under eye fat positioning surgery, this procedure could also be performed together with the liposuction so I would only have to go under sleeping anaesthesia once. For this procedure, it would leave a tiny incision right under my chin, which I felt was acceptable.

Last but not least, we also decided on Rejuran Healer injections to be done while also under sleeping anaesthesia! This treatment consists of micro injections all over the face – It can actually be done with just numbing cream, which would be more painful than doing it while you’re sedated. It is a great combination with Doublo lifting Laser, as the Doublo helps to tighten and rejuvenate skin, while Rejuran Healer will also heal skin and regenerate skin cells from within.


Rejuran Healer is a rejuvenating procedure, made of polynucleotides (PN) extracted from salmon DNA. It is injected into the skin to regenerate skin tissue within the inner skin layer, improving skin elasticity, thickness, and overall skin health and restores damaged skin. It is a “new concept of skin healing” that regenerates from the inside of the skin cells and improves the physiological conditions inside the damaged skin.

Might as well kill as many proverbial birds as possible with one stone, right? That’s how I ended up doing arm liposuction, under eye fat repositioning, belody fat dissolving laser and Rejuran Healer injections, all in one go 😀

Of course, your surgeon has to be experienced and professional to know whether you may or may not need multiple surgeries – For instance, if you have more intensive procedures like large area liposuction procedures on multiple body parts, you may need to have two separate surgeries performed on different days instead.


There was no time to waste, because my Doublo lifting Laser was scheduled right on the same day, after consultation. As this is a non-invasive procedure, it’s relatively fuss-free and only takes an hour or so with no numbing cream, no downtime and very minimal pain.

Doublo lifting Laser is a very popular treatment in Seoul for V-Line definition as well as to stimulate collagen for firmer and more lifted skin. If you’ve heard of HIFU or Ulthera, it’s similar but supposedly less painful.

Getting Doublo Lifting Laser done on my jawline and double chin at Ruby Plastic Surgery~

It wasn’t very painful for me at all – I would consider it a 3.5/10. Some parts were a little more tender especially the bonier areas right at the jawline, but it was bearable even without numbing cream. The more painful moments felt more like a jolt of electricity and slightly achey, but most of the time, it was just a mild tinging sensation.

Time for a facial~

After the laser portion, a hydrating and calming ampoule was applied with an ultrasound device, followed by a sheet mask! I might have fallen asleep at this point because it was so soothing and relaxing hahaha.

After Doublo Lifting Laser ar Ruby Plastic Surgery

Right after treatment, with not much visible redness or any post-procedural side effects at all! In fact, my skin looked brighter and more hydrated thanks to the hydrating facial, and I also felt that my face was visibly more V and defined already, perhaps a figment of my imagination?

Doublo lifting Laser takes 2-3 months to show its firming and lifting results as the skin regenerates collagen, and can be applied to full face including chin and mandible lines, neck, eye areas, forehead, eyebrows as well as cheeks. Maintenance period is about 6 months and two sessions per year are recommended, but you will already be able to see results after just one session!

The day of the surgery

The very next day was the day of the surgery. I was sooo excited and kinda nervous at the same time! I woke up around noon and got myself dressed in comfortable clothes that would be easy to remove (was worried that my arms movement would be restricted after the liposuction) and then waited for Jun, who came to pick me up from the hotel.


We arrived at the clinic at about 2PM, and the first thing I did was to change into robes and take some “before” pictures. As my surgery slot was supposed to be at 4.30PM, there was a pretty long waiting time in between, during which I signed some paperwork explaining to me the procedures that I would be doing as well as possible risks/side effects.

(Tip: Jun says that it’s best to take the morning slots because 1. There will be less waiting time 2. The surgery sites will have more time to de-swell over the course of the day and thus you will recover faster.)

As I was already fasting and had been without food and water since 1030AM, the hardest part for me was enduring the thirst. My mouth was already so dryyyyy. Due to the doctor’s earlier surgery being delayed/prolonged/ I think we only got to see the doctor at close to 5PM. Pre-surgery, the doctor used a marker to draw out some lines and markings – This is to aid him during the surgery.

Looking all pretty with the markings Dr Hu drew under my eyes to aid during the undereye fat repositioning surgery, hahaha

After a loooooong wait that felt like FOREVER, I finally went into the surgery room after 5PM!! It felt completely surreal, a wee bit scary as I was asked to remove my robes before a disinfectant was sprayed all over my arms and back. The disinfectant was sooo cold! I was then asked to lie face down on the surgical bed and a line/insertion was put into my left hand. I remember very briefly that the doctor came in then, asked if I was awake, and I even replied yes. Hahaha.

After that, BAM. I literally knocked out in seconds and I have zero recollection throughout the entire procedure. Next thing I remembered, I was asked to wake up and stand up from the operating table – Everything felt super trippy and unreal at this point because the sleeping drug was still wearing off. My robe was put back on me and I was brought back to the recovery room next door to rest.

Waking up post-surgery

I remember drifting in and out of semi-consciousness as Jun was rubbing my fingers and asking me how I felt. I also spoke to her a little and told her about how trippy the sleeping drug was hahaha. The first sensation I had while waking up was my super dry mouth and a heavy, fuzzy tongue. I really wanted water badly but they said I had to wait a little while before I could have some sips of water!

The entire surgery (Ultra-Z arm liposuction, under eye fat repositioning, Belody fat dissolving laser, Rejuran Healer injections) took less than three hours, and Jun told me that the surgeon said all had gone well, and it was a very smooth and successful surgery!

When physical sensation slowly came back to my body, I could feel that my upper arms were tightly bandaged up, as well as my chin/head. There wasn’t any sharp pain, but a bit of a dull ache in my neck/jaw/undereyes, and also my eyes were teary and watery. I was just super amused because my upper lip had lost all sensation due to local anaesthesia, and touching it felt so foreign, like I was touching a piece of flesh that didn’t belong to me ;D

I wanted to know how I looked right after the surgery, so I used my iPhone camera to check out my face and.. I GOT A SHOCK! Hahahaha. Are you ready for my post-surgery photo??







Right after the surgery
Right after the surgery

Goodness! I looked like someone beat me up real bad man. Hahaha. My entire head was wrapped up in a bandage from the Belody fat dissolving laser and there were thick gauze pads taped under my eyes due to the undereye fat repositioning procedure. My eyes themselves were puffy and swollen and there were also little injection marks all over my face from the Rejuran Healer. My hair had been bundled up into an unsightly crazy mess to keep it away from my face. It was not a pretty sight for sure.

If I remember correctly, it took about an hour for the drug to mostly wear off, and initially it was a little nauseating and dizzy. Once I could drink water, I kept taking small sips while Jun was there to accompany me, talk to me and comfort me. When I felt ready to move, we then got me dressed (remember to have something easy to wear, I wore a front zipper jacket and a knit skirt) and Jun called a car to bring me back to the hotel.

Once I was back in the hotel room, Jun gave me some porridge that she bought for me and I had some porridge before taking the medication given. 

At this point in time, I didn’t feel any pain still, except discomfort from the tight bandages and my eyes that kept tearing up. I just tried to rest in bed lying flat on my back because I was worried about accidentally putting preassure on my newly-liposuctioned arms. Apart from that, the rest of the night was uneventful and I managed to get some sleep too.

Everything at this point still felt very surreal to me, but I was so excited to start seeing the final outcome of the surgeries/procedures I had undergone! I couldn’t wait to heal and recover fully.

Will carry on sharing in the next blog post with my post-surgery and recovery experience, and of course, “before-and-after” results!

Peace out!

(To be continued in the next post)

Find out more about Eunogo

Eunogo’s official website // Eunogo’s Instagram & Youtube Channel

Eunogo offers the verified list of trendy & most-updated K-beauty programs with the most reputable clinics in Seoul.

So if you’re unsure what kind of K Beauty programs are out there, simply browse around Eunogo’s website or ask send the consultation request. Ruby PS is one of the top verified PS in South Korea that are well known for safe body liposuction surgery  as well.

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