#TVDstudio: Floor Xpert LURF GRANDEUR Review

I can’t believe that it’s been almost an entire year since TheVelvetDolls moved into our new work space / office: It feels like yesterday that we were going through the entire office renovation process!

Say hello to #studioTVD, TheVelvetDolls’ cosy work space / office!

I’m happy to say that almost one year in, the office still looks as cosy and welcoming (albeit slightly more cluttered) as it did when we first moved in last August, and I’m just as pleased with all the choices we made during the reno process last year.

Starting from ground zero.

This is what the space looked like when we first got the keys to our new unit! Basically, a bare unit. Started from scratch to rework the entire space, from laying the electrical lines, putting down flooring, to building wall partitions, installing light/aircon fixtures and turning this shell into a comfortable and productive office!

Thank goodness for our ID team from InnerGlow Design (Look for Raymond and Ee!), they oversaw and coordinated the entire reno process and made my life sooooo much easier.

I’d spent five years in my old office space with an industrial cement floor, which although practical, felt cold and unfriendly to me, and I knew that I wanted a homelier and cosier feel for the new office, where we could also host fitting sessions for customers in a nicely done-up space.

One of the best recommendations that Raymond and Ee gave me was to go for vinyl flooring – They pointed me in the direction of Floor Xpert, which specialises in LURF Vinyl.

Floor Xpert: LURF GRANDEUR Review

If you’re wondering about vinyl flooring and what LURF is, LURF is an acronym for Luxurious Resilient Flooring, and is a new generation of vinyl flooring that realistically mimics the appearance of natural materials (i.e. wood and stone), with additional layers of advanced technologies to improve performance, making it wear-, stain- and scratch- resistant and durable even under the most trying conditions.

Vinyl flooring has gained a lot of popularity in recent years because it’s affordable, durable and easy to maintain, so it was a no-brainer for me to decide on installing vinyl flooring for the new office.

Visting the Floor Xpert Showroom

Huge selection of vinyl flooring at Floor Xpert

Firstly, (and I’m sure that many new home owners/ first-timers to reno feel the same way) WHY ARE THE CHOICES SO ENDLESS??

Looking at different shades and grains of wood-inspired vinyl flooring at Floor Xpert

I was quite frankly, rather overwhelmed with the variety of flooring options that Floor Xpert offered! They have many ranges of LURF vinyl flooring, with differing countries of origins, and of course, different price points as well.

It’s definitely a great idea to drop by the Floor Xpert showroom, because you get to see, touch and compare the various types of LURF Vinyl Flooring before making a decision, while speaking to the experts there who can answer your questions and share more information about vinyl flooring.

The three different options that I managed to narrow down my selection to.

Although I was torn between these three, I finally decided on the most practical option, which was the slightly darker Limed Oak Naturale (GRCL-800824S) from the LURF Grandeur Series 😀 I really liked Canyon Oak Beige from the Balance Series, but felt that the lighter tone might be harder to maintain. It would probably show more obvious wear and tear, especially when we were dealing with heavy bags of stocks and had a warehouse/storage area to consider.

As a plus point, the LURF Grandeur series also feature special anti-microbial coating technology and UV coating surface for additional protection – the special technology kills and prevents the growth of bacteria as well as other potentially harmful microscopic organisms such as viruses and fungi – for a cleaner, healthier and fresher environment!

Once I’d decided on what I wanted, it was a simple matter of the team at Floor Xpert coming down to the space for an on-site visit to take measurements and give a final quotation before confirming on a final installation date!

Before/During/After LURF Installation

The installation was super fuss-free and only took a day. I don’t have any complaints about the workmanship – It was all done very neatly and I didn’t spot any obvious defects at all. Floor Xpert did a really good job!

Most of all, I love love love how the colour that I chose looked! It was just the right shade really.

I had worried that it might have been too dark, but in day light/ white light, the Limed Oak Naturale vinyl flooring is a gorgeous colour that’s neutral enough to complement our mid to dark toned furniture, yet light enough to give a spacious and airy vibe to the space.

With our Commune furniture in: THE ENTIRE AESTHETIC TURNED OUT SO WELL! Also loving my rug from COMO decor.
In love with the LURF Vinyl Flooring! It goes perfectly with my pretty woven rug, also from COMO Decor.


Afterthoughts on Floor Xpert LURF Vinyl Flooring

Almost a year after working in this space, I have ZERO regrets with going for LURF vinyl flooring with Floor Xpert!

Apart from how gorgeous the flooring looks, it has been a breeze to maintain/upkeep the vinyl flooring. Despite the months of use, the flooring still looks good as new! All I need to do is to give my floor a mop with my spray mop once every few days. It’s super easy to clean!

Although LURF vinyl flooring is not indestructible, I’d say that it’s very durable and not easily damaged unless you use brute force or some form of massive impact occurs.

My flooring did sustain a couple of scratches here and there in our warehouse/storage area (probably due to the sharp metal edge of our storage racks), the scratches are really mild and hardly noticeable enough to bother me. I could get those particular tiles replaced, but I don’t see the need to since they aren’t obvious. I’m still extremely pleased with how the vinyl flooring is holding up.

By the way, the LURF Grandeur range also comes with a 15-year product warranty, and lifetime workmanship warranty! Definitely provides ease-of-mind for customers.

My LURF vinyl floor is so pretty that it makes my product flatlays look better too!

It was a very smooth experience working with Floor Xpert, and I found the team to be responsive, knowledgeable and experienced. From consultation to installation, every aspect was handled with utmost professionalism and I am super satisfied with the end results.

I highly recommend Floor Xpert if you’re looking for quality and durable vinyl flooring that will last you for years to come! I am pretty sure that I’ll be back at FloorXpert to shop hopefully soon, LURF vinyl flooring is definitely gonna be the way to go for my future home! 😛

Floor Xpert also offers free on-site consultation and quotation services too 🙂

Free Consultation
Phone: (65) 6749 3128
Whatsapp: (65) 8828 9889
Email: enquiry@floorxpert.com

Genting Lane Showroom
50 Genting Lane #03-03 Cideco Industrial Complex Singapore 349558
Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 10am to 5pm

Toa Payoh Branch
Blk 190 Lor 6 Toa Payoh #01-574 Singapore 310190 (NEXT TO HDB HUB)
Phone: (65) 6862 2668 Fax: (65) 6353 2668
Monday – Sunday & Public Holidays : 10am to 8pm

Will be updating with a few more posts too about the rest of my office reno experience ;D Stay tuned!

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