Osaka Feb’19: Universal Studios Japan Yet Again?!

universal studios japan 2019

No-one ever misses out Universal Studios Japan™ when they visit Osaka, not even when you’ve been there multiple times, like I have! There’s just something incredibly magical about Universal Studios Japan™ – coupled with the Japanese hospitality that I have come to know and love – that makes every visit extra memorable.

universal studios japan 2019
Spot my Gryffindor scarf teehee. I made sure to dress in theme!

Yes, this trip marks my THIRD time to Universal Studios Japan™, am I mad or what? USJ is my favourite theme park without a doubt, and I love how there’s always something new everytime I return!

My last visit to Universal Studios Japan™ was in 2016 (!! that is more than two years ago) and I am so happy that this time, the new Minion Park and “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” ride that were previously under construction are now open to the public. Whoop whoop!

What’s new at Universal Studios Japan™?

1. Minion Park

Yesssssssss I was super stoked to finally visit Minion Park! These bright yellow beans are so infectiously happy and comical! Even adults who aren’t fans of Despicable Me will enjoy the lively atmosphere, as well as the funny and heartwarming “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” ride.

Also, the minion merchandise and themed-food are really the cutest! The Japanese are super obsessed with minions, with good reason 😛

2. Universal Cool Japan 2019

Universal Studios Japan™ is collaborating with Detective Conan, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Godzilla, Lupin the Third, and Attack on Titan for their Universal Cool Japan 2019 campaign!

This is really exciting for all the Japanese otakus who are fans of these iconic comic characters and names, as these well-loved characters will be brought to life in various attractions and merchandise for a limited period.

From 18 January 2019 – 23 June 2019, the two featured names are Detective Conan and Lupin the Third!

– Detective Conan

You must have heard of Detective Conan. This highly popular world-wide Detective comic series first appeared in “Universal Cool Japan” in 2017! This time, you’ll find a “Real Escape game”, “Park Rally” and themed Entertainment Restaurant, plus the cutest merchandise!

– Lupin The Third (Car Chase XR Ride)

I have to admit that I don’t know much about Lupin, but I enjoyed this VR rollercoaster ride so much! Much more fun than I imagined, as we were taken on a virtual car chase with VR goggles on an actual rollercoaster. Loved it!

The upcoming Sailormoon and Godzilla collaborations sound like they are gonna be amazing and I do hope that I might just happen to be in Osaka again to experience them!

My Personal Favourites at USJ

Of course, these classics at Universal Studios Japan™ are not to be missed. Below are my personal favourites which I hope to visit again and again all the time! 😀

– The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ (duh)

Obviously, my favourite part of USJ is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter because I am an ardent fan of the Harry Potter books and being right there in the Wizarding World is a dream come true for me!

It always feels just as surreal, every single time! I love the ride “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey too, and how it submerges me into the world of Hogwarts, on a flying broomstick, no less.

– Hollywood Dream – The Ride

universal studios japan 2019
Love the happy vibes at Universal Studios Japan™!

I love Hollywood Dream – The Ride and Hollywood Dream -The Ride – Backdrop-, the two-in-one rollercoaster right behind us in this picture! It’s possibly my favourite ride in the entire Universal Studios Japan™. Unfortunately though, the ride was closed for a short maintenance right when we were about to take it so I didn’t get to go on it this time round 🙁

– The Flying Dinosaur

The scariest ride at Universal Studios Japan™ but really not that scary IMO is this: The Flying Dinosaur! Every twist and turn on this rollercoaster ride is equal parts thrilling and fun. You have to try this if you’re an adrenaline junkie!

universal studios japan 2019
Jess and I trying on the cutest unicorn headbands! So fluffehhhh I’m gonna dieeeeeee!

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