Review: Traditional Thai Massage in Singapore at Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa

Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa

An award-winning Thai spa in Singapore? Truth be told, I’ve never once had a Thai massage done outside of Bangkok, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My experiences with Thai massage parlours in Bangkok were also usually of the no-frills, rough, roadside variety – Typically done on a whim after a long day of shopping with a 50/50 hit-or-miss rate and could either be excruciatingly painful or just excruciatingly bad. Nonetheless, I am a bit of a masochist who enjoys that fine line between pleasure and pain just like any other true blue massage enthusiast, and always on the lookout for that rare spine-tingling, soul-revitalising bliss from a good massage. My afternoon at Ayuthaya, The Royal Thai Spa left me pleasantly surprised and impressed, as I was treated to an experience that changed my mindset entirely about traditional Thai massage.

Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa Review

Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa

Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa is located at Pacific Plaza, right in the heart of Orchard Road, and I loved the location. It’s central enough to be accessible, yet discreetly tucked in a quiet corner where you can feel completely disconnected from the bustle and action, perfect for recharging and rejuvenating your body and mind. Stepping into the spa was like immediately entering a oasis as the calming aroma of essential oils set me at ease in the contemporary and comfortable Thai-style ambience.

You should also know that Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa has been around since 2004 (that’s 14 years!) and only employs Thai therapists who are well-versed in Royal Thai massage and accredited with the ‘International Massage Certification’ which requires at least 3,000-hours of experience to provide world-class service and quality.

In fact, Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa has a long line of awards to its name, as recently as 2017, for its Signature Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Body Oil Massage and the Thai Herbal Heat Compress!

From targeted healing with ancient forms of the Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Herbal Heat Compress to other aromatherapy body massages and beauty treatments, Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa provides a combination of soothing and uniquely Thai therapies as was practised in the ancient Royal Court using traditional Thai herbs and natural products.

I was recommended to experience Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa‘s Signature Ayuthaya Experience (Signature Royal Thai Massage + Herbal Heat Compress) as well as Herbal Body Scrub, for a total of 120 minutes.

I do love the personalisation options available at Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa. Depending on how you feel for the day, you can choose from different combinations of aromatherapy with various healing properties. Lemongrass and eucalyptus for aches and pains, bergamot and lavender for mood and stress, ginger and lavender for detoxification – So many of my favourite essential oils that I was spoilt for choice!

I decided to go with bergamot and lavender for mood and stress and I loved the relaxing and uplifting scent. Highly recommended for the tired and stressed out folks who need some relaxation and de-stressing!

But first, I was treated to a cup of Lemongrass Pandan tea before my treatment began – All the teas at Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa are specially imported from Thailand for a fully authentic Royal Thai experience and also have positive health benefits as well!

The treatment room at Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa was clean, comfortable and spacious, definitely a far cry from the dimly-lit, shady and claustrophobic cheap Thai massage parlours I was used to in the Land of Smiles. It even had a small shower cabin!

The simple, woodsy decor was welcoming and unimposing, helping me relax and settle into a peaceful state of mind.

Very importantly, the massage bed, linen and towels all looked clean and new! Definitely a huge plus point for me because my sensitive skin breaks out into itchy rashes easily.

I was given a disposable shower cap (fantastic – I hate how my hair gets oily and gross after an oil massage) as well as disposable underwear to change into after getting undressed, then I was more than ready for my spa treatment to begin!

Lavender Salt Scrub

We started with a lavender salt scrub, used to treat insomnia, increase circulation, help ease muscular pains and promote cell renewal. I love body scrubs and this was amazing! My therapist used firm pressure to give me a thorough scrubbing all over, starting with my back and then moving over to my front. (PS. It was a female therapist so I was completely comfortable with being in a state of undress the entire time)

After the scrub was done, my therapist left me alone to rinse off and shower before the second part of my treatment, Signature Ayuthaya Royal Experience (Signature Royal Thai Massage + Herbal Heat Compress) started.

Signature Royal Thai Massage

Unlike the usual Thai Massage in which you change into a pair of light pyjamas and do only a dry massage, the Signature Royal Thai Massage actually combines traditional massage techniques together with a blend of essential oils and Thai heat compress – This was much more luxurious and relaxing as compared to the regular dry massage and yet still had that same intensity and targetted techniques incorporated into it.

I prefer a strong massage and really enjoyed how my therapist slowly unworked all the tension and stiffness in my muscles and joints with her skilful techniques! Just like normal Thai massage, expect the therapist to use not just her hands, but also a combination of her elbows, legs and feet to contort, twist and stretch every part of your body. Some parts ached while other parts were sore, my therapist was attentive and conscientious at every point of my treatment and I was completely relaxed as I let her work her magic on me.

It was so good that I dozed off halfway through – I hardly fall asleep during a massage so this is testament to how relaxing and pleasurable the treatment was.

Thai Herbal Heat Compress

I only woke up when I felt a pleasantly warm sensation moving down the back of my legs. This was the Thai herbal heat compress: an ancient holistic treatment, which helps promote the unity of body, mind and spirit.

The heat from the herbal ball compress relaxes your aching muscles and helps to open your pores, allowing better absorption of the herbal ingredients, which continues to relax the muscles whilst simultaneously drawing out impurities from your body.

The warm compress felt really good on my achey shoulders and back, easing my aches and pains away. It did get rather hot at some points, so remember to tell your therapist if it’s too hot for you and she can adjust the heat of the herbal compress accordingly.

My treatment ended with a final stretching of my spine and I was regretful to have to end my session, or even move at all after being kneaded, pressed and stretched into (what I felt myself to be like) blissed-out human play-dough. My body really needed this session and I felt thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time!

Easing back into real life with a cup of Matoom (bael fruit) tea after my treatment!

My session at Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa has really changed my perception of dodgy road-side Thai massages and allowed me to experience how luxurious and pleasurable Thai massage can be in the right environment and hands! Better still, I don’t even need to take a plane to experience authentic Thai massage right in Singapore. I am most definitely going to be back again for my next time-out of bliss and relaxation once I find a spot of time in my hectic schedule!

After all the raving, I’m really happy to share that Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa has put together a special promotion for readers, only during this festive period! If you’ve been looking for a quality spa session with experienced therapists at a reasonable price-tag, I do highly urge you to give it a try yourself, or pamper a loved one with this extra worth-while promotional price!

Promotion: Christmas Royal Experience

– Signature Ayuthaya Royal Experience (Signature Royal Thai Massage + Herbal Heat Compress)
– Body Renewal Scrub (FREE)
– Royal Rejuvenation Steam (FREE)

1) make their bookings through – MUST use this email address for a quicker response instead of calling or using the form through the website.
2) mention the promo code YINAROYAL and only pay for either the Signature Royal Thai Massage at $178 for 1 hour OR $258 for 1.5 hours and get the Body Renewal Scrub AND Royal Rejuvenation Steam for FREE.
3) This promo is valid till 31 December 2018.

Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa
Address: Pacific Plaza 9 Scotts Road #03-03
Singapore 228210

FB & Insta: @ayuthayaspa

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