Before & After Review: SK-II R.N.A Power Radical New Age

Who doesn’t want to look younger than they really are? I know I do! Being in my early 30s means that those dreaded signs of aging are slowly but surely revealing themselves. Fine lines and dry, dull skin are just a few of the concerns I’ve been battling over the past few years. I’m sure that when you think of anti-ageing, SK-II has got to be one of the first brands that come to mind. I received the R.N.A. Radical New Age Power Airy Milky Lotion from SK-II recently, and was invited to try and review this product!

In case you didn’t know, prevention is always better than cure when it comes to anti-aging, and you’re never too young to get a start on your anti-aging skincare game right now, especially if you’re already in your 20s or 30s. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take care of your skin!

Before & After Review: SK-II R.N.A Radical New Age Power Airy Milky Lotion

SK-II R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Review

I’ve been looking for a light-weight yet hydrating moisturizer for my dry skin (did you know that dry skin is more prone to wrinkles and other signs of aging?) and the SK-II R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion really impressed me (just look at that light swatch below!).

SK-II R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion – Texture


The texture of a skin-care product is very important to me because I dislike heavy textures that feel uncomfortable on the skin. And here is where R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion really shines: It has a light, fluffy texture that is soft to the touch, yet feels hydrating and moisturising! The lotion melts into my skin easily with a non-sticky finish and no oily residue, which makes makeup application a breeze.


SK-II R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion – Key ingredients


R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion contains a nourishing complex of PITERA(TM) with hydrolyzed soy and yeast extracts to make skin firm and radiant from within. It also contains chlorella extract, a skin-conditioning agent extracted from freshwater algae that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness.


SK-II R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion –  How to apply 


How to apply R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion:

The R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion is to be used twice a day, once in the morning and then again before bedtime at night. It should be used after your serum and before your eye care!

PS. Do try the SK-II R.N.A. Power Eye Cream from the same range – It has been reviewed as one of the best eye creams for getting rid of dark eye rings!

Step 1:  Take a pea-sized amount of lotion with dry fingertips and dot onto your forehead, cheeks and chin

Step 2: Massage evenly over face and neck in outward and upward strokes.

Step 3: Gently press and pat with your palms until completely absorbed.

Tip: I like to gently rub my palms together to generation some body heat so that the warmth helps the lotion “melt” into my skin better when I press and pat my palms against my skin!


SK-II R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion – Before & After

After 3 days of applying R.N.A Power Airy Milky Lotion, I definitely see an improvement in my skin! My skin is visbily smoother and more supple, with a firmer and more plump texture.


Most significantly, my dry skin is more moisturised and hydrated after regular use, giving me a youthful and radiant glow! I an absolutely sold: It’s earned itself a spot on my vanity table! Of course, please remember that your lifestyle and daily habits also affect your skin – A healthy diet, regular exercise and good sleeping patterns can do wonders for your skin.

Note: I have sensitive skin, but experienced no side effects from R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion. However, you might want to discuss the ingredients in this product with your dermatologist before using!


SK-II R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion – Where To Purchase

The SK-II R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion will be available at all SK-II counters island wide!

SK-II R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion (50g): S$149
SK-II R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion (80g): S$228

If you’re not travelling any time soon, you can easily purchase SK-II products from various major departmental stores instead of buying from the Duty-Free stores at the airport transit. 😉

Find out more about the SK-II R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion here, and theR.N.A. Power Product Line here! Also, learn how you can use the Airy Milky Lotion in this Japanese Skincare Routine.

This article is sponsored by SK-II, all opinions are based on my personal experience.

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