Don’t know who’s here, but hello!

I hope everyone’s been well since all this drama started on Dayre. To be honest, I did love Dayre a lot, but in the past few months of hoo-ha, I stopped updating on Dayre almost completely. Shifted more attention over to IG stories because it’s faster and more instantaneous.

Although there’s a lot of action going on about #savingdayre, I don’t think it will ever be the same any more and maybe I’m also, frankly, a little relieved to have one less obligation or social media to manage.

Yes, I know many people are rallying around Dayre and are convinced with all the talk that it will be saved and bought over, but coming from startup experience, this is going to be a long and arduous experience, and talk is cheap.

That aside, BudgetBabe is also a friend of mine and I couldn’t be more impressed and in admiration of how hard she’s hustling to save Dayre. Kudos to you babe. ❤️

Nonetheless, I decided to port over all my entries to this wordpress blog here in the meantime, and I might find a way to combine my existing blog together with all my dayre entries into one website because it seems to make more sense that way.

If you guys are still sticking around over here or have even started writing your own WordPress blogs, drop me a holler and leave me a comment, ok? 😊


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