Time to say good bye?

Dear Dayre,


I’ve been on here for… YEARS.

I remember trying to Dayre almost EVERYDAY religiously when I first starting micro-blogging here.

It was such a refreshing platform to be on. It felt like a real community, people who genuinely cared for and supported one another.

I really like this place 😭

There’s been so many times I poured my heart out here, and found comfort and support from fellow Dayre-eans and friends who were always there to share the comings and goings of my life with me.

It’s seen me through some of my happiest moments and also some of the most difficult moments since I started writing on here so many years ago. I don’t even know how many entries I have on here.

Are they all going to be lost words and pixels now, disintegrated and broken down into nothingness?

And the friends that I’ve made on here, where am I going to find all of you all again (Some of you are on IG, but there are as many that I’ve only ever talked to via the comments section on Dayre..)

Not sure where everyone is going to go from here on.

Now I feel a little upset I haven’t been sharing more recently 😭😭😭 It’s like I haven’t even gotten the chance to introduce 👳🏻‍♂️ yet and Dayre is shutting down wtf.

There’s still my blog and Instagram, but it’s not quite the same, isn’t it.

I’ve just read the article on Mothership, and sad as it sounds, I do not think that a petition to the current Netccentric management will make any difference to the app and their decision to close it down.

Even before Dayre, I’ve been a blogger with Nuffnang (under Netccentric) for years and knowing the state of the current company/management, it is a far cry from the hey days of Netccentric and @bossming.


I know @sgbudgetbabe is looking for a way out to save Dayre, and of course, I strongly urge everyone to sign the petition – But I don’t think the voices of the community even matter to the current management of Netccentric.

I am already mourning the death of this little app that has built up so many strong communities and friendships over the years…. 😭

Dayre is the one social media platform that holds a special place in my heart – It’s not like Instagram, which has evolved to become a shallow, curated magazine with only pretty pictures, or Snapchat, which was fun and interesting, but in all its glory, fizzled out just as quickly as its rise to fame.

I remember how obscure the name “Dayre” was when I first downloaded the app in November 2013. That’s more than four years ago.

My first heartfelt Dayre post that got 235 “likes” was on @yinagoh:271113 when I wrote about my “life story”.

I also started writing about my wedding preparations on @yinagoh:011213 – How bittersweet it is to read those words now.

I used to share a lot more openly too, but as is always the case, as the audience grew, the more reserved my writing became.

Looking through the oldest of my Dayre entries now…. and @yinagoh:241213 makes me sad because all those issues came back to haunt my broken relationship in the end.. I guess they never really went away and nothing truly changed. What a fool I was for all that optimism and hope.

It’s not all sad memories on here.

Celebrating friendship with @trishaliang and @evonnz since 2013 (or earlier) and looking at this entry when they got me a Christmas present that I really wanted (I still have it now!) @yinagoh:301213 ❤️ Just saw these two girls yesterday and I’m still very glad for them in my life.

And story of my life, dealing with fat girl envy since @yinagoh:230114 and @yinagoh:240114.

I really really hope all these entries can all be downloaded without any hitches with the download function that Dayre will (supposedly) be giving us before its due date is up 😭

Even so, it’s so sad that all my oldest entries won’t be accessible by the public anymore, not even the informative travel entries and etc.

Should I find somewhere to upload all these entries? They are all mostly a little disjointed and a little incoherent, so what value could they offer outside of Dayre?

While all of us lost souls are still trying to make sense of the news and decide where to head from here, I just wanna say a thank you first.

Thank you to @bossming for creating this platform and the original team behind Dayre for bringing so much passion and love into this project. I think Dayre has evolved so much over the years to become its very own unique platform and community that will almost certainly be unduplicatable and inimitable.

Thank you fellow Dayreans. ❤️

Thank you for sharing in my life. Thank you for being there for me and offering so much strength and support through every period of my life. Thank you to the silent readers and frequent commenters, whichever category you belong in, for allowing me to be a part of YOUR life.

Thank you for allowing me insights into your life, I am also a frequent silent reader and sometimes commenter on many many Dayreans, and it has been my utmost privilege to be privy to your beautifully written thoughts and feelings on the littlest parts of every day life.

Thank you for the friendships, you guys have been like the huge extended family I never had to me on here 😭

It’s true.

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