OkinaWAH! Part 2 🚣🏻‍♂️💦⛰

Dear Dayre,

It’s been a pretty adventurous trip so far, which I’m really enjoying because it’s such a refreshing change from city life!

On day 4, we explored the wilderness on Iriomote Island with a kayaking and trekking expedition to Pinaisara Falls!

Quick breakfast at the hotel – Butter & jam on bread, onion soup, egg and broccoli 😋

Here is our guide Ken-san from Mariudo Guesthouse!

He was a really good guide, very experienced, humorous, patient and accommodating with us.

We got ourselves dressed in waterproof shoes, jackets and pants before making our way through the mangrove swamps to the river side, where we would begin our kayaking.

You can choose to kayak in tandem (two to a boat) or have yourself a single kayak!

The weather was just gorgeous. Cool and windy with blue skies!!

The journey down the river was so scenic and leisurely.

Here’s my buddy Eugene doing all the hard work rowing while I was busy taking photos and videos 😂😂😂

The trek from the river to the waterfall was so lush and picturesque!

Took us about 20-30 minutes to reach the waterfall and it was beautiful!

The water falls from a height of 55 meters and is the highest in Okinawa. The falls were so strong that you could feel the wind and water spraying in your face!

We had a little tea break at the falls too, with special okinawan snacks – pineapple jam on crackers, brown sugar candy, and coconut cookies!

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