Dear Dayre,

This new year has been a lot of 💸💸💸 thus far 😭 And 3rd day of the new year sees me on a hospital bed for a surgery that I’ve needed to get done for the longest time, piles surgery / hemorrhoidectomy ✂️😷

This must be one of the unsexiest medical conditions ever, really. It’s basically enlarged blood vessels that cause pain and bleeding from your anus – apparently about 35% of the population suffer from hemorrhoids/piles and it’s a lot more common than people know!!!

Not a lot of people seem to talk about it because I really couldn’t find a lot of info from real life examples when I google about it online.

So I went for my day surgery today under GA and was warded and put under observation for the next few hours post-op, all seems to be in the clear and I’m back home now with a butt that’s taped up with gauze and a whole bunch of meds and painkillers 😫

But before I share more about this little medical episode, let me just tell y’all that our first collection of 2018 is upppppp and it’s lovely!!! ❤️

Yup, got my two weeks mc today for post-op recovery but still need to work lah 😂

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Back to today’s surgery

Can someone tell me why Mount E’s hospital gowns are such a ugly shade of puke yellow.

I’ve been having quite severe discomfort and pain due to hemorrhoids for a few years, but in the past 1-2 years, it has gotten quite bad to the extent that I bleed frequently due to the inflamed blood vessels, and find it very painful to walk about for extended periods of time (etc when I’m travelling 😭)

It usually gets worse when I’m constipated or when I have long hours of physical activity.

I’ve googled about hemorrhoidectomy surgery a long time ago but it was my last option because
1. cost
2. downtime
3. painful recovery
4. possibility of relapse

And I’ve also been to see GPs on a few occasions but the medicine only help temporarily and I found my problem getting worse.

It’s so bad that sometimes I unknowing stain my clothes with blood spotting, as well as suffer a lot of discomfort as there are a lot of nerve endings inside your butt, and it’s not fun when the blood vessels get inflamed and prolapse 😭

I had a particular bad episode a couple weeks ago and 👳🏻‍♂️ decided to just google and book a consultation for me at a specialist at Mount E.


Cost is of course one of the main factors holding me back from the surgery – It ranges anything from 3k and above (depending on public or private sector)

Because I’ve recently bought a insurance plan on top of my existing medisave, I decided to just go for private to make it fast and quick. Just get it over and done with and let my suffering end earlier.

My insurance would cover all surgery and hospitalisation costs but my insurance premiums would increase the following year.

The medical costs for my surgery all in cost a whopping 8k, mad. Please get yourselves covered with hospitalisation insurance plans, ladies! Even such a minor op as a hemorrhoidectomy can be so expensive.

Down time

According to the doctor, hemorrhoidectomy despite being a minor op, has a rather long downtime and you’ll be put on MC for two weeks minimum.

I really wanted to procrastinate this but because I’m flying to Okinawa on the 19th this month and Tokyo on the 20th the following month, I didn’t want to suffer the pain and discomfort on my upcoming trips and have it interfere with my work trip/holidays so I just bit the bullet and booked my surgery ASAP.

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