Dear Dayre,

Exactly one week post-op!!!!

I do realise that I dayre-ed about my procedure halfway and then the past seven days got the better of me and I didn’t finish updating.

Good news is, I think the worst part is over (the first seven days) and from now on the recovery should be slowly getting easier and easier 😭😭😭

I even disappeared from IG for the past one week because that was my level of incapacitation 😥

This butt-showing sticker sure is apt 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

I went back to the doctor for my follow-up appointment today and he says I’m doing good!! He even showed me pictures of the hemorrhoids he removed during surgery and said they were pretty serious, and that’s why my first week of recovery was so excruciating. (I’ll talk about it in a continuation of my previous post when I truly have the energy to recap the entire episode 😂)

Anyone brave enough to want to see pictures of the hemorrhoids removed?

The past one week has been the most agonising time of my life though. Post-hemorrhoidectomy recovery is no joke. *shudders*

I went online to read about others going through the same shit (😂) and boy the horror stories out there are scary enough to turn anyone off doing the surgery.

Doc says I have very high pain threshold though and that I should be up and about in no time whoop.

👨‍⚕️“Remember to do your salt baths daily to help your wound healing.”

👩🏻 “Don’t worry in ten days time I’ll be diving in Okinawa everyday in the sea, salt bath all the time”

👨‍⚕️ “……”

New arrivals tonight on!

I’m still on one more week’s MC technically but business is still up and running as usual – Count down to CNY is a short five weeks 😱

We’ve got some beautiful new pieces to usher in the new year with and you’ll definitely love these stylish and wearable numbers! ❤️

First up – My favourite style! One-piece jumpsuits!

Dapper Fellow Pinstriped Jumpsuit has a lovely cut that’s comfy and relaxed at the same time!

It’s extremely apt for CNY visiting too hehe. Can sit down cross-legged to play banluck 😂

Dress it up with some edgy heeled mules or keep it casual with sandals!

Comes in Wine and Navy, sizes S M L!

@cherriwong kept Wine 👌🏻 and I haven’t decided which color to keep zzzzzz.

Florals are a great choice for the festive season and for any day 🤗

I fell in love with this floral tee dress with its easy-to-wear cutting and pretty floral embroidery details!!

Kept Navy for myself and I’m wondering when I can wear this 😬😬😬 To keep for CNY or not??

Comes in Plaid and Navy, size S, M & L ✨

Modern cheongsams are always a good choice for 初一! We’ve got a few up our sleeves this CNY and this crochet contrast piece stands out with its intricate crochet lace over a striped fabric 😊

Comes in just one color, size S, M & L ✨

I also kept this summery off-shoulder dress for myself, it’s so pretty!

Love the prints and the tiered skirt ❤️

Comes in Sizes XS, S, M & L ✨

This polka dotted piece comes in such a gorgeous cutting 😍😍😍 I would totes wear this for work!

Comes in XS, S, M, L & XL!

This adorable printed dress comes with a long sash that can be styled in different ways: You can tie the sash into a ribbon in front or twist it to the back for another look!

If you see closely, the embroidery on this dress is printed on although it looks almost like real embroidery from afar!

Comes in S, M & L ✨

If you remember our Yvette Lace Dress from last year, it’s back again for CNY!

This gorgeous dress has placement lace (meaning to say the lace is “placed” for consistency and every piece has the end end result) with beautiful details!

It’s a gorgeous dress for CNY, work, events and functions!

Comes in Navy, Wine & White, sizes S, M, L & XL!

This izzzz meeee in Navy M!

New arrivals are coming in 8.30PM!!!!


Hair a bit cock cuz my fringe is growing too long! But yay! I’m aliveeeee againnnnnn

Yeap I decided to wear out my floral tee dress in the end 🤗

New arrivals up on already!

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