Seoul December’17

Dear dayre,

Back from Seoul 😭😭😭
I miss the holidaying but I don’t miss the -5 to -9 subzero temperatures everyday!

Some readers asked for tips on how to layer for cold weather. I’m actually very basic when it comes to winter dressing, i’ll talk more about it later. 😂

Let me share more Seoul snippets first!

It was a really short trip actually. 3 nights on my own, and 3 nights with The Face Shop – So effectively I only spent about two days on my own (arrived late evening on the first day).

I actually enjoy shopping alone sometimes, cos I don’t have to worry or stress about someone else waiting for me, y’all know what I mean?

Solo travelling did make me realise how much more I had to keep myself entertained, I was singing along to Christmas carols in the shops I have no idea why.

On my two days that I spent alone, I spent them at Hongdae, Ehwa and Garogu-gil, though I didn’t really do much!

Cafe hopping alone is quite limitative because you can only order so much!

I heard of Mr Holmes Bakehouse at Garosu-gil from an acquaintance and went to visit!

This flat white ice pop was too photogenic and so I ordered it. Because I would have gone for a hot drink otherwise, it being so freezing cold!

My ferraro rocher croissant!

They do really good bakes but I regretted ordering a sweet one. Should have gone for savoury ham & cheese cos this was somewhat my lunch.

Nonetheless, I finished it all cos it was buttery and crisp and actually really good!

They are famous for their cruffins, croissant muffins. You might want to give those a try next time.

All kinds of flavours for their croissants! There is a matcha one, a churros one and ham & cheese etc etc.

Pretty interior too with marble tables and a cute neon sign!

While I was at Garosu-gil, I made it a point to check out Gentle Monsters! I’ve always wanted to get a pair of shades from there but they are expensive so I never seriously considered getting them.

The last time I went to Seoul in January, I got a pair of glasses from Alo Eyewear (was also at Garosu-gil but the shop is no longer open, not sure why) and until now, they remain my favourite pair of glasses! Cost $300 but was a really good buy.

So I thought if I found a nice pair I’d go for it!

Tried on this pair and I loved them!

Couldn’t decide between rose gold or gold…..

So I took a shitload of pictures hahahaha

And finally went for the gold ✨✨✨✨✨

The shop assistant helped me take pictures too lol.

I left Gentle Monsters with this pair!

Especially love how it looks from 3/4 and side profile leh!

Although pricey…… But I really haven’t been shopping a lot haha. So much justification going on for myself 😂

The flagship store at Garosu-gil is really cool though!

The interior looks like some kind of art installation museum.

And a lot of these metal sculptures and installations are actually kinetic – they move!

Go check out the store when you’re around Garosu-gil, it’s pretty cool!

Of course, Gentle Monsters has also opened a flagship store at ION orchard. I haven’t checked it out yet but I heard prices are competitive with Korea’s pricing!

Went back to Hongdae in the evening for dinner and I chanced upon my hotteok (korean deep fried pancake)!

It comes with brown sugar filling. Love love love it. So sinful and good!

I’ve seen a few people go to Biya (@gilliansng being one of them) and since it’s in Hongdae area and I read that they do single pax portions too, this was dinner! 🥘

Army stew, that’s right 😋

The interesting thing about Biya is they offer free flow mini hash browns lol.

Apart from that… I found it very normal. The “liao” (ingredients) only consisted of cheap hotdog and spam meat. No pork belly or tofu all that 😕

Price point was 5500 won ($7?) per pax so I guess it was alright!

These cute pom earrings with pearls were bought at Hongdae too btw 😍

Seoul has got such nice accessories and earrings especially, I really like all the dainty and elegant designs you can find!

Day 3 – Left my Hongdae airbnb to join the rest of the girls!

I took a taxi from Hongdae to Gangnam area (Samseong) and regretted it almost immediately because the traffic was soooooo bad.

Might have gotten there faster via train even. Oh well. On the plus side, it was quite affordable, around $20? Taxis are alright in Seoul, but don’t do the same thing in Tokyo 😂

We took the train to Gyeongbokgung station for Toksokchon – samgyetang (korean ginseng chicken soup)!

The queue was like 😱 but it actually moved very quickly! We were in the restaurant in 15-20 mins tops.

Our long-awaited samgyetang! It was sooooo good! Much better than others that I’ve tried around Myeongdong area
The broth was so flavourful and the chicken was exceedingly tender!

We went for the second best ginseng chicken (not the wild one) instead of the black chicken cos the price difference was quite huge. It tasted very good already so I don’t know how much better the wild ginseng or black chicken would have tasted 😬

The ginseng soup comes with a little cup of ginseng sake that you’re supposed to drink before or after your meal, but we chose to pour it into our soup instead haha.

It smells really strong if you have it just like that but you can’t taste any alcohol at all when you put it into the soup!

We had the second one! 16000 won.

Selfie! Snow app makes everyone look flawless ✨

I’ve been wanting to buy my korean strawberries for the longest time but there aren’t any fruit shops or supermarkets around hongdae area!

Found a small fruit shop in one of the alleys near Gyeongbukgung station and I had to buy a box. 9000 won for a big box of juicy and sweet strawberries, completely worth it ❤️🍓

Back to Ewha with the girls because they wanted to shop there!

Ewha is quite well known for their cheap shopping. You can find decently cheap clothes, accessories, shoes and more!

👆🏻I’m wearing the new boots I bought from Hongdae the day before! Pretty comfy, I walked in them for three days!!

Spotted a huge Brown in Christmas decor at Ehwa!

If you have time, pop over to the actual Ehwa women’s university, the campus grounds are gorgeous!!

Ehwa is so pretty!

Also, wearing my new lip color from Mamonde 😍

Creamy Tint Color Balm Light in #9 Red Brown!

I got these earrings from Ehwa Shopping Street too!

After Ehwa, we were off to Myeongdong, which is the place for street food and MORE shopping, especially for skincare and makeup!!

Inside Olive Young at Myeongdong, one of the largest multi-brand stores that carries a huge huge range of skincare, makeup and beauty products!

Spotted these super cute room fragrance diffusers and COULD NOT RESIST 😍🌵

Despite my exploding luggage.. I bought one of these!

I wish I had space to buy more 😭 A couple of my friends wanted me to help them get it too but my luggage was already filled to the brim cos I already came with too many clothes 😂

But isn’t it just adorable omg. I paid 20,000 won for this I think? It smells so good too!!

The set comes with an extra bottle
of refill too!! Daebak~!

Peripera also really killed it with their christmas collection. Just look at that glittery bb cushion case and their lip tints with a glittery snow globe on top!!

I bought this! Love the formula and the shade, I also regret not getting more haha. It’s only about 8000 won? So affordable and the colors of the lip tints are gorgeous!!!

Super cute right?

Of course, you can’t forget the street food when you’re in Myeongdong! They have a crazy amount of street food available!

My favouritest egg bread – This one has sunflower seeds on it 😋

Cheesy scallop!

Hotteok with both sweet and savoury fillings 😋😋😋

Baked sweet potato ❤️❤️❤️ So sweet and soft!

Grilled cheese on sticks!

Some prawn tempura thingy 🍤

More random fried stuff + tteokboki (korean rice cake) + sundae (korean blood sausage) 👈🏻 never tried the last one cos I’ve always thought it looks gross 😧

My coolest purchase of the trip has got to be this Hera Fix It Cushion which I got from Lotte Departmental Store at Myeongdong!

Hera is one of the brands I’d always look out for whenever I visit Seoul 😍

So this bb cushion works just like a regular bb cushion but has a little twist to it….

Tadaaaaaa – Secret compartment with a cream highlighter and lip/cheek tint 😱😱😱

It’s like the perfect quick touch up compact and the case is so chio too!?

55000 won 😅

After a very fruitful day of shopping, we headed back to our hotel to put our stuff down and then off for korean bbq dinner 😋😋😋

This place is called “Black Pig” or Heugdonga near Samseong station and serves pork bbq!

Affordable prices and the pork collar was especially good 🤤

Korean bbq is the best thing ever. I love meat so much ❤️❤️❤️

Home for the next three nights at Grand Intercontinental Parnas! ❤️

Such a luxuriously huge room 😍 Thank you The Face Shop, I’m so spoilt I know 😊

Yay to bath tub and automated toilet with washing functions 😂😂😂

And look at the welcome goodies The Face Shop prepared for us! 😱

Customised chocolates, so sweet 🍫

And the entire set of flat velvet & glossy lipsticks OMG can’t wait to try these 😍😍😍

Bath time hehehe I love soaking in bath tubs, it’s my favourite part of the night 😬✨

My very sweet korean strawberries and a cup of tea before retiring for the night 🍓 ☕️

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