Dear Dayre,

Happy Sunday! ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

Just wanted to share that I did a little “How-To” for photo editing on my IG stories, should anyone be interested in learning how I edit my images on the phone! 🤗

Shared my three top favourite photo editing apps and how I use Snapseed to process all of my images.

My IG account is @yinagoh of course haha

I brought my little fluffy kids out to the park yesterday with my camera in tow and took a series of pictures that I’ve posted on my IG 💕

Although the iphone takes great images, it’s a pity I don’t carry around my camera more so I’m gonna make a conscious effort to! 😊

The three little ones enjoyed their time at the park so much! Walk walk walk pant pant pant. So cute la they all. Kept getting their leashes tangled as they were crisscrossing and intersecting one another 😂

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