Dear Dayre,

NEW HAIR for NEW YEAR ❤️❤️❤️

I’ve decided to keep my hair longer if possible. Hopefully no urges to keep chopping it short haha. But then my fringe has been so flat and annoying so I got my fringe trimmed into bangs (again)!

I hate to admit it but the years are creeping up on me and I would like to maintain a semblance of youthfulness if possible. 😂 Bangs help.

The hair color itself though, is absolutely gorgeous!

Mahogany brown base with ash violet and rose gold babylights in an ombré style! 💕

My latest hair color / style is based off @/mithesalon (IG)’s Modern Balayage x Hair Contouring service in which you can customise the style of your highlights with a fringe cut to frame/contour your features for the most flattering hair style! 😊

It’s just a few days to the end of 2017, and I’ve been meaning to write my long overdue review on the LG gram that I’ve been using since August until now!

My computer is inseparable from me – It goes almost everywhere I go. Even when I’m travelling, I need to have my laptop with me because I’m always working on the go!

In fact, I feel almost insecure when I don’t have my laptop on me hahaha.

After having said the above, it’s obvious that the portability of my laptop is super important to me.

What I really love about the LG gram is its size and weight – It's incredibly slim and light at just 840g, yet has powerful performance and battery life that lasts me an entire day! 🤓💻

It’s very sleek and streamlined, which makes it extremely portable and convenient for carrying about, especially when I’m always on the go.

I took these pictures when I was holidaying in Sydney 😬 Brought along the LG gram to work on – mostly editing images and blogging, for which it is more than capable of handling with ease.

Look at how thin the screen is!

Despite the fact that it’s so light-weight, it feels sturdy and durable!

The specs of my LG gram are also very decent, which is surprisingly for its size!

It runs on intel core i7 2.70ghz (if that means anything to you) and my LG gram comes with 8gb of installed ram and 512gb of storage 😱😱😱

My MBA only has like less than 200gb of storage so having 512gb feels almost extravagant to me 😂

It doesn’t hurt a single bit that the LG gram is so aesthetically pleasing too!

Pros of LG gram

✨ Ultra light yet sturdy
✨ Great specs
✨ Charges quickly (and the charger itself is small and light too!)
✨ Sleek looking
✨ Bright high-res screen
✨ Comes with in-built micro-sd card reader, USB and USB-C ports which are all very useful to me

Cons of LG gram

✨ Reflective screen makes it harder to see off in outdoor conditions
✨ Speakers are softer and tinnier in comparison to my MBA

👆🏻That’s probably my major gripe about using Windows as a platform, so it’s not really LG gram’s fault that Windows has so many updates to be downloaded and installed, which can take forever and is a hassle when you’re in a rush to get work done! @stopthepretence don’t you agree with me on this 😆

But all in all, I wouldn’t trade the weight and portability of the LG gram despite its relatively few cons that I can live with!

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