Dear Dayre,

Hello hello hello! Sunday has passed by again in a jiffy, sigh 😔

I’ve been attending service with 👳🏻‍♂️ on Sundays so that’s the usual Sunday routine now, go down to MBS and then paktor/dinner!

Dressed up in my upcoming TVD jumpsuit today 💕 I love anything florals heh.

Snow app filter 💕 Makes me look chioer than I really am. 🤣

Love the palazzo pants cut, very flattering! It comes in XS, S, M & L 🤩


So 👳🏻‍♂️ has been meaning to bring me to Cut by Wolfgang Puck for the longest time and we walked past and decided to have dinner here on a whim!!

Walau this place is really not cheap though. I think i still prefer my Wooloomooloo when it comes to quality vs price point!

That being said, we did have really good wagyu steak that was soooooo well-marbled with fat that I had trouble digesting it afterwards. Stomach felt queasy probably from the high-fat content of the beef. 🤢

The Japanese wagyu steak costs about $240-285 per pop 😩 Definitely not something I’ll be having on a regular basis.

Selection of bread was really yummy though!!!

This was our first meal of the day, so we were rather famished. Go for the onion bread and pretzel bread! They were served nice and warm, and the onion bread was particularly soft and fluffy with caramelised onions baked on top.

We ordered two sides to share but grossly overestimated our appetites.

This was the brussels sprouts with sesame yuzu aioli – found the aioli too jelat especially when the steak was already so high in fat content.

Peewee potatoes done “patatas bravas” style that were delicious but once again too heavy on the palate. Haha given a second visit, I might go for completely different sides that would better complement the steaks.

Miyazaki prefecture Kyushu Filet Mignon, 170g for $240.

Medium rare was a good doneness for the steaks!

Check out that finely marbled layer of fat on the steak!

Ended up dabao-ing the sides but even then, didn’t finish the leftovers at home 😂

One more shot of my jumpsuit!

Me likey.

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