A mushy thank you letter

Dear 👳🏻,

Here's a mushy thank you letter to you.

*I need to insert a disclaimer here. 👳🏻 is chinese y'all! I use this emoji because it somewhat resembles him 🙊 Tho he does speak very fluent malay.*

Thank you for coming into my life.

Despite the non-conventional man you are with your non-conventional and at times annoyingly jarring ways,

Thank you for being there for me at the beginning when I was going through a period of emotional turmoil.

Thank you for the concern and care you showed me consistently, without fail. There has never been a day when your actions told me otherwise.

Thank you for showing me how easy a relationship could be. I never knew a relationship could feel like this, you make being together feel so natural and effortless somehow.

Thank you for accepting the whole of me for what I am.

You know how much I love to travel, and you've never once stopped me from doing it. You tell me that no matter if I've put on some weight, because you love me for me and the additional pounds don't make a difference. You never try to change me nor do you have any expectations of me to become someone I'm not.

You don't know how grateful I am for that 😊

You never once make me feel like I have to choose between you and work, you and my passion, you and my friends, or you and my family, because you understand how important they are to me, nor do you judge me, criticise me, or put me down for my flaws and faults.

All you need from me is to be myself, and that's such a very comforting thought to know that I don't have to fear never being good enough, or being the flawed imperfect human being that I am.

Thank you for treating me right. I never realised how loved and secure I could feel, instead of having worry and anxiety at the back of my head and a heavy feeling of dread in my stomach, when I never knew when a land mine would explode with the slightest tread of my foot.

I can breathe so much better now, that I no longer have to cope with the responsibility of my partner's emotional well-being – Which I now know is NOT my onus to be in charge of – No one should be responsible for anyone else's emotional state or feelings. No one.

Thank you for pampering me and spoiling me like a princess 👸🏻. You are always so thoughtful in your ways!

The smallest actions like always having a tissue or serviette handy for me at meal times (you frequently question my existence as a specimen of the female species because I never have tissue on me), or being present at every single one of my 3-hour long gigs because you just want to be there for me, they speak volumes to me.

You spoil me in big ways too but never want me to spend any money on you if possible, because you love me and want me to save my money so I can have more for myself, knowing the unstable financial situation of the perilously self-employed.

Thank you for being my listening ear.

I know I can always count on you for your opinion on issues. Of course, we don't always have the same views, but I respect your opinions all the same and I enjoy hearing your take on matters.

Thank you for the acts of service you have done for me, tirelessly.

Driving me around and running errands for me, helping me in all aspects of my work, from steaming clothes during photoshoot to delivering my stocks from shop to office and never allowing me to lift a finger whenever possible.

Oh, and for someone who doesn't know photography, you sure have taken an impressive number of pictures for me on my blog and instagram – Because you understand how it's such a crucial part of my work!

During the past two days of warehouse sale, you volunteered to do whatever work you could, from the heavy duty moving, hanging up of clothes, running miscellaneous errands, to buying lunch for the entire team on both days, all without a single word of complaint or any need for reciprocation.

That part really amazes me because I know it can only come from a place of real unconditional love. Even when I say thank you, you tell me not to be silly because there is no need to thank you?!

Thank you for always doing your best for me.

In regards to winning the approval of my family and friends, and everything else – You show me that you're willing to fight for me and for our relationship. It tells me that I am so very important to you and you are completely serious about us.

Thank you for making me happy!

You always make me laugh. You surprise me with little gifts like my favourite kyoho grapes and other snacks I love. You love to feed me and cook for me because you know how much I love eating 😂

Thank you for being a source of strength and pillar of support.

There are and there will be more obstacles ahead of us, but your unwavering support and the willingness and conviction to brave through any tough times together give me courage and hope for the future.

You are there for me all the time, without fail. Just having you next to me – A strong, comforting presence that I know I will be able to rely on – Makes me feel happy and safe.

It sounds a bit like a fairytale, but really, all you've shown me is what a relationship can be and should be.

It's not the fireworks and dazzle at the start of the relationship, but the slow, steady companionship and love of two people who care for and respect each other in equal turns. A partnership where both parties work together to accept, understand, support and find strength in each other.

This is what it means to love.

Thank you for everything, and thank you for loving me. ❤️

I feel so incredibly lucky to have you.

我很肉麻的开心啦. Let me, can?

We accept the love we think we deserve.

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