Dear #dayreshopaholics,

EVERYTHING MUST GO! The ultimate bargain party begins at 3PM today! 🎉 Grab UP TO six items for just $30 from 3PM-7PM today at SUNTEC Convention Centre Room 304, can't get any better than this! 😍 COME ON DOWN NOW! #MGGTVDLPwarehousesale

Almost done with Day 2 of warehouse sale and we are all half dead 😂

Can't wait for dinner tonight!!!!!!!

Thank you all who came down for our warehouse sale over the past two days!

It's always nice to see familiar faces at the warehouse sale! 🙆🏻 Hello hello to all you lovely people who have been coming down every year for our sale 😘

I really hope everyone had a pleasant experience and scored some good buys! ❤️

Yassssss. Glad that we survived the weekend!

Big thank you to my fellow LBNs and my awesome TVD crew for the hard work over the past two days! ❤️

We all deserve an off day tomorrow 😂

I think we had a pretty good day 2!

Crowd was more manageable today and I think everyone had a more pleasant shopping experience? 😊 We also managed to do some restocks with a lot of good pieces going on sale!


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