Dear Dayre,

It's been a while since I last hosted an event, and I'm glad that today's event at mi the salon went well! ❤️❤️❤️

I woke up feeling super meh. Like really really sian Monday blues kind 😩 But the day must go on and the workshop must go on so I really had no choice but to suck it up and just get down to prepping for the workshop.

For some reason, my face was super puffy and water retentive today. Felt like a ball and my eyes were so puffy that they weighed like a ton of bricks every time I blinked/moved my eyelids.

HATESSSSSSS. Nothing sucks more than puffy face when you have an important day. But I'm still gonna put up all the pictures taken today nonetheless!

It was a small and cosy gathering and I basically shared some tips on dressing and styling – how to dress for your body shape, what colors to pick for your skin tone, etc.

Of course I also shared some of TVD's upcoming pieces and I hope the ladies who came down liked what they saw!

It's really been some time since my last workshop and I'm sorry if I got nervous and starting speaking too quickly or I was rambling on 😅😅😅

My pretty model @cherriwong got a hair makeover done while I did my favourite renewal light scalp therapy!

It was really a fun session and I thought that Gary shared some very interesting pointers on hair styling and how to identify your face shape and the right hair style to fit!!

So apparently my face is in between square/round 😂 So puffy today confirm is round lah.

Round face aside, I definitely think my hair shape compliments my face very much! I love my hair really. mi the salon takes such good care of my hair!

Thank you to the lovely ladies who came down for today's session, I hope you walked away feeling like you learnt a little more about styling, dressing and life in general 😂 (Gary is super passionate about sharing and he got all fired up talking about everything else under the sun)

I managed to take pictures with some of the ladies but not all of you 😩

Thank you so much for taking the time to attend our little session today!

Thank you Jovia and Jolie!

Thank you Grace! 😊

These four girls are nearly half my age sighhhhhhh. Why y'all so young?

Thank you Cheryl! 😊

And thank you Shuwei! ❤️

My cute model happy with her newly permed curls!

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