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Dear Dayre,

It's the start of our nightmare weekend 😂😂 Just kidding. WAREHOUSE SALE BEGINS TODAY! 💪🏻

OTW to office to pick up some stuff before the weekend sale kicks off! 🤗

Spent the day setting up yesterday and our venue is all ready to welcome the customers today!


The venue is filled with clothes for your shopping pleasure already! 🤗

There are a lot of designs to pick from this year. We will replenish along the way, but come early to get first dibs on all the good stuff!

Hehehe anyone wants sneak preview of what's going on sale this weekend?

Leave a comment if yes!!


Two of the dresses going at $15!

All dresses are $15 la basically.
The floral pinafore is confirm good buy 😍

Peplum dress at $15!

We've got a much more conducive shopping environment this time round – Everything is indoors and air-conditioned 😂

Everything is sorted by size and shop!

👳🏻 is also here helping out today 😂

Maybe you'll spot him lolol


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