Best Hokkaido snack πŸ˜‹

Dear Dayre,

It's back to work! New arrivals dropping in on #thevelvetdolls tonight, I'll show you girls a sneak preview later 😊

Oh I need to recommend you all this yummy snack I got from Hokkaido! This is @trishaliang's fav Marusei Butter Sands biscuit and I bought a few boxes back home for the girls at work and office πŸ˜‹

They are from this brand called Rokkatei, and are super popular in Hokkaido!

PS. You should also visit their store Campana della Vigna Rokkatei if you have time in Furano. The store is this huge wooden building with glass walls that overlooks a vast expanse of vine yards and is totally gorgeous!!

These are brown sugar biscuits with butter cream and raisins filling – I don't usually like raisins but the entire biscuit goes together so well, especially with tea πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Soft and crumbly with a fragrant butter cream and plump raisins! Really good.

This is the Campana Rokkatei cafe/confectionery store and they serve food as well!

That's rows and rows of grape vines in the background at Campana Rokkatei 😍 You can also try their grape ice cream (made with fresh ingredients!) and savoury food at the cafe!

Rokkatei confectionery can only be found in Hokkaido!! So it's quite precious haha. There are many places in Hokkaido where you can get it though. It's available at the airport too!

The biscuits only last 7-10 days too so it's best to buy on your last day or close!

Box of 10 costs 1,300yen. It's really a perfect tea time snack 😍

Oh oh oh you can also try this – Rokkatei's Marusei Butter Cake! 😍 This is delicious too. It's a dense butter cake that's spongey but not too heavy or oily, with a thin layer of chocolate ganache sandwiched within! πŸ‘πŸ» Damn shiok.

Forgot how much, but i think this is cheaper than the Butter Sands πŸ˜‚

Miss Hokkaido already 😫

I'm gonna be drafting out so many blog posts on the blog about my Hokkaido itinerary! Need to think about how to structure the posts and break them down into informational and enjoyable reads 😊

πŸ‘†πŸ»This shirt is launching tonight on TVD! ❀️

Carribean Relaxed Shirt that's exclusively manufactured by TVD upon popular request – We haven't had any shirts for a long time! I love my basic shirts so I'm glad to add a new one into my wardrobe πŸ™Š

It comes in three colors, White, Sand and Black!

Great basic to match with different bottoms for different occasions 😊

You can wear it with the sleeves cuffed up or down – it's 3/4 sleeved and great for our weather.

The fabric is super awesome. It's light-weight but non-sheer! (Nude undergarments still recommended for White!)

Doesn't get crumpled like cotton too and is really good quality 😍

Comes in sizes S & M ❀️


Next favourite item for tonight's collection is this eyelet shift dress!

It's got gorgeous eyelet embroidery details and a scallop hem ❀️

The cut is so easy to wear and it's a good length for wearing to work!

Comes in S, M & L ✨

Pretty eyelet details ❀️❀️❀️

Another piece I'm keeping for myself is this shirt dress!

Shirt dresses are like my staple uniforms for "off" days when I have no events or meetings heh. Totally fuss-free and also tummy-friendly!

It comes with pockets tooooooo ✨

Same material as our favourite Gerra Shirt Dress that's been extremely popular with all our customers!

Take your pick from Pink or Navy, sizes S, M & L ❀️

Summer vacation top! β˜€οΈ Another cute pouf-sleeved design but in a off-shoulder top form ✨

Sizes S, M & L 😊

For the lovers of pleats and asymmetrical hems – I love the flowy design of this pleated hem dress! πŸ’•

It's a really luxe and slinky fabric that gives a swishy feeling when you walk 😊 You know what I mean?

Comes in Pink or Grey, sizes XS, S, M & L!

New arrivals in tonight 8.30PM on 😊

In other news, I'm gonna be catching Forbidden City musical tonight and I am superrrrrr excited!!!

I watched this many years ago and I loved the OST and I loved Kit Chan!

Looking forward to a good show later!

So much work to be done and blog posts to be written πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

Werk ittttttttt.

But first – It's musical time! ❀️❀️❀️

Just finished the show!!!

The music is as good as I remembered it to be and the singing was great! I wish Kit Chan did more of the show though 😭 She only came in after the intermission. But still, enjoyed the musical so much!

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