Dear Dayre,

Such an act of kindness shown to me by a stranger has certainly touched me and also serves as a timely reminder not to be affected by the untruths and nonsense that's been circulated by him.

I found someone who has been treating me right and been the best possible form of support.

It seems almost too good to be true but I never knew that two people being together could feel as natural and as right as this.

Looking back at the previous relationship.. We may have looked right together and seemed good on paper – that blinded me to the disparities and incompatibility between us.

And I realised one crucial thing too – Don't be with another person hoping or thinking that you can somehow effect change in them.

Don't marry your partner thinking that they can change for you because they love you.

Most important of all, don't let yourself be the subject of belittling or abuse – That's not what being in a relationship is about.

If he's not treating you right, stop making excuses for his bad behaviour.

Communication is important, and so is mutual respect.

You'll know best yourself when you've made the right decision to be with the right person.

For me right now, only time will tell if this love will last, but.. 至少我知道我现在是幸福的 💕

You girls (and the few boys who read my dayre as well) are the sweetest ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much for all the little notes of positivity and love! 😍

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