Dear Dayre,

Hokkaido has been a blast so far!! ❀️ Really loving the summer time here. The weather has been awesome, it's sunny and brilliant in the day time, and when the sun sets, it's cool and dry and goes as low as 18 deg celsius. Shiok!

Furano/Biel has been one of my favourite stops so far. The flower fields in Furano/Biei are amaaaaazing!

And I even visited a small Alpaca farm at Shikisai No Oka which was a highlight for me πŸ˜‚ First time seeing alpacas and they are ridiculously cute!

Furano – Biei

A view of the flower fields at Shikisai No Oka. Love the rolling hills and colourful flowers!

While at Furano, visit this restaurant called Fukuzushi – This place sells upsized everything and it's craaaaazy. Even the chicken karaage is almost the size of my fist wtf! One sushi has about as much rice as an onigiri πŸ™„

Don't say I didn't warn you.

That's my uni and salmon roe bowl that was absolutely gigantic. How to finish???

Another place I really liked in Furano was the Rokugo Viewing Platform
near Furano Jam Garden.

This place was gorgeous and had a huge expanse of beautiful flower fields that were abuzz with bumblebees, butterflies and dragonflies! 😍

The scent of lavender was 😍

A pretty butterfly fluttering about the fields πŸ¦‹ There were so many of them!

Nearby is also the famous Blue Pond of Biei that has incredibly blue water and is quite a sight to behold!

Had lunch with a lovely view at Campana Rokkatei at Furano that overlooks hills covered with vineyards.

Such a nice place for lunch!

Lake Toya

After Furano, it was back to the roads for a good three hours to hit the next destination – Lake Toya 😍

I heard so many good reviews about this place so I booked one night stay at Lake Toya Nonokaze Resort, check out that infinity onsen view!!!

Best part of my evening.

Breakfast at Nonokaze overlooks the lake – Was really blessed with such good weather!

Nearby Lake Toya was a highly recommended farm that serves up really good gelato – Lake Hill Farm.

It's also surrounded by lots of grassy plains and gentle hills with colourful flower beds, and super cute bunnies in a pen as well as a couple of other farm animals!

There were lots of japanese kids running around playing on the fields or feeding the bunnies. Loved the atmosphere here!

The ice cream is super good too πŸ˜‹

One of my favourite activities has got to be the fruit-picking afternoon at Jozankei Farm! It's about an hours drive from Lake Toya and situated in between Toya and Sapporo so I stayed at Jozankei for a night and visited the nearby farm to pick cherries 😍 It was so so fun and the cherries were crazy good!

Now I'm in Sapporo, where I took a day trip out yesterday to Otaru and loved it.

Look at my beautiful cherries 😍

I can't wait to document the trip and write about my itinerary on the blog, but it's gonna be super time consuming for sure πŸ˜‚

Please motivate me to be hardworking and blog about the trip haha. I've been updating on IG stories quite religiously so please check out my IG for my daily updates! 😊

New arrivals tonight 8.30PM!

This dress that I wore is gonna be launching tonight on #thevelvetdolls!

Got so many inquiries about it on IG and I really love this dress cos of the luxe fabric and pretty embroidery. It's so comfortable to wear and has a non-slip lining πŸ™‚

Comes in Black and White, XS-L!

I wear an M 😊

I regret not packing along this dress as well – It's a great dress for summer weather with its lightweight fabric and easy-to-wear design!

@cherriwong kept Pink (as usual hahaha) for herself.

I love the micro accordion pleats!

Comes in Navy, Pink & Forest ❀️ It's such a versatile dress!

Size S, M & L πŸ€—

Our popular Mayhem series is back in a new fabric – Mayhem Mini in Embroidered Stripes 😍

Can't go wrong with this design. Sizes S, M & L ❀️

i can't get enough of the embroidery trends this season so I hope it doesn't end πŸ˜‚ Love this simple tee with flowers embroidered on it!

Comes in S, M & L 😘

Lastly, Printed Obi Sash Top has got a new print that's really really pretty and pleasing to the eye!

The new arrivals are dropping in earlier this week – They will be available tonight, 8.30PM! 😬 Since it's a PH tmr hehe.

National Day Special
πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ Free shipping until end of the week! πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

I was supposed to go home today..

but i missed my flight πŸ™„

So since I missed it and all the flights for the rest of the week don't make sense cos they are all damn friggin expensive…..

I'm staying another week.



There's so much to eat in Sapporo and one of my favs was this super cheap bar that serves up freshly shucked oysters and scallop for super affordable prices!!!

One oyster – 105 yen
One scallop – 300 yen

The scallops were HUGE and grilled so nicely in shoyu and butter πŸ˜‹

This place is called Gotsubo!
Highly recommend 😍

I went to Nijo market to take a look as well but wasn't impressed. I think I got rather ripped off. Snow crab legs for 5,500 yen πŸ™

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