Unicorn cake making @ Shiberty Bakes

Dear Dayre,

Woke up too early today to join @shiberty for her unicorn cake baking workshop at Shiberty Bakes! 🦄

I need more sleep haha.

Unicorn ears in the making….

And then painted with edible gold flakes!!

My cake pans are out of the oven!

Whipping up butter cream with egg white, sugar and butter!

The next step is to frost the cake with butter cream!

Almost there……..

90% done!

Quite proud of myself actually 😂 Not too shabby for a first attempt eh?

I loved doing the pastel rainbow piping! So fun!


Jess is conducting the next baking class on 22nd July so go and check out @shibertybakes IG!! hehe

I've been putting on weight recently from all the travelling and eating 😂

The fat life chose me lah.

Mcdonald's, why you release this kind of nasi lemak burger???

It was really good actually!

I loved the sambal sauce and fried egg and cucumber on the coconut-flavoured juicy chicken thigh patty!

I'd say that Mcdonald's succeeded with this nasi lemak burger. You guys tried it yet?

But life has been pretty good and most importantly I'm really happy and thankful every day. ❤️

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