Innit’s store opening! ❤️

Dear Dayre,

Happy Tuesday y'all 😊
Was having a spot of Monday blues yesterday but I'm feeling a lot cheerier today lol. Might be PMS I guess 😶

Planted at one of my favourite cafes – Pacamara at Upper Thomson which serves up really decent grub at ok-ish prices.

I like to work on my laptop here right in front of the cafe where there are counter seats and I get to people watch plus soak in a good dose of natural sun light which always cheers me up.

👆🏻👆🏻 Notice the tan line on my shoulder which was caused by Hualien 😶 Can't wait to blog about Hualien soon but I'm finishing up my Bhutan blog posts first!

Really shiok pulled pork burger with purple cabbage coleslaw and fries!

The pulled pork is super tender and cooked in a sweet savoury bbq sauce that's so good. The buns are soft and fluffy too! And the fries….. Don't get me started on them cos I won't be able to stop afterwards.

Blogging in progress!

I've already posted up Part 1 of #yinagoestobhutan on the blog and I'm halfway through Part 2 💪🏻

These memories are really for my own documentation though of course I also tried to make it as informational as possible for readers who are interested in travelling to Bhutan!

Weather has been so good lately.

I'm sorry I haven't been Dayre-ing as much this year 😞 I miss connecting with you guys too!

I'm gonna make an effort to Dayre more even if it's mindless, meaningless updates.

Seems like everyone else is leading a much more exciting life than I am, what with all the ladies who are getting married, having a baby or moving into their houses 😶

I guess I'm just sort of in a stasis right now? None of the above will be happening to me any time soon 😂

There are days when I feel like I'm nothing but a disappointment to my parents. But then I remind myself that loving myself comes first and foremost before anything else, and I owe it to myself and to no one else to live a life that is worth living.

Went down to the launch of #innitbangkoksg – Innit Bangkok's first store in Singapore! 😍😍😍

Congratulations to @pattyinnit @catfurn and @bossming!

I love Innit's signature pleated designs and I scored myself a completely gorgeous dress in a lovely shade of purple! ❤️

So much love for this color!

I'm not going to show you the design I picked yet hehe will keep it a surprise for when I get to wear it ✨

While in the midst of trying on designs 😍

Pretty pretty girlfriends 🤗
@stopthepretence @evonnz

And our bride-to-be @melissackoh 😘 Hehe maybe I'll wear the innit dress for your wedding k!

One group picture with @catfurn @pattyinnit @bossming @stopthepretence @evonnz! Thank you for hosting us! 😘

Thank you @soufflesecrets and @rebekatee for attending to us too!! 😊

I've been wearing too much denim x white lately 😂

But I love this combination heh it's so summery and chic!

Off-shoulder top is a new piece that stocks just arrived for!! ❤️ Keep a look out on #thevelvetdolls soonish 🤗

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