Dear Dayre,

Mission #1 to becoming healthier – Drink MORE water!

I really drink very little water when I'm out and about so I am gonna make a conscious effort to fill up this 1.5l bottle of water twice a day somehow and drink it all up πŸ˜‚

Not bad eh I am more than halfway through my second 1.5l of water! Drinking water is supposed to be good for your skin, aid weight loss, flush out toxins and all that jazz so why not, I mean, water only it's really not difficult to drink more!

Mission #2 is to eat a little better – Cut down on unnecessary carbs and processed food!

Had kway chap for lunch cos Papa dabaoed for me πŸ€— I love kway chap! I consciously made an effort to eat less of the kway cos I know I don't really need to have so much carbs lol. Instead I'll eat the "liao" which is just as satisfying!

Last night's fish head steamboat with @trishaliang was so yummy too, I had less rice but ate more "liao" haha it makes me feel satiated and psychologically healthier πŸ™Š

Mission #3 – Hit the gym at least once a week πŸ’ͺ🏻

Let's not be too ambitious here LOL from couch potato to exercise freak is a long distance off so I'll just start with gym at least once a week cos that's already a good start to not exercising at all πŸ˜… Gym buddy to motivate me so we can BURNNNNNN the fats together!

Let's just keep things simple with these three steps hahaha. Yay to healthier me!

We've got new arrivals dropping in on tonight at 8.30PM! 😬

This collection is everything I love πŸ˜‚ Pinafore x Jumpsuit, Shirt Dresses and Pleats!

This is by far one of my favouritest jumpsuit/culottes cos it's soooo comfy!

We've got three colours: Navy, Grey and Olive~~~

Pick from Navy~


Or Grey! 😍

Comes in Size S, M & L, I wear M. I kept two colours for myself hahaha cos it's sooooo easy to wear and super comfy. Also very flattering too cos of the adjustable waist ribbon tie behind!


And my next love: Shirt dresses πŸ˜‚

This one is so simple but it's damn good quality and I love how casual chic it is! So good for school or weekends! 😍 It also comes in XS-L.

I really really like the faux striped shirt bottom.

If you wanna be dressed for work but still in comfort, this polkadot chiffon shirt dress is soooo pretty ❀️ I love the ruffled hem and the relaxed fit! Very Korean feels right?

Free-size but best fits UK6 to small 10! 😊

I actually told myself I need to stop looking at pleated stuff but THIS ONE IS SO CUTE, I couldn't resist!!

We paired it with the denim bralette from last collection over a simple tee top (also restocked for tonight) and the resulting look is adorable!

Comes in S & M at the moment but I'm hoping to be able to back order this in more sizes if possible πŸ€—

We also managed to get restocks for some hot favourites but only in limited quantities!

Such as, the Alexa Denim Tee Dress ☝🏻

Mayhem Modi Dress in Stripes~

And in Navy Checks! 😊

New arrivals are in on so shop away! πŸ€—

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