Dear Dayre,

OTW to event again right now and whooooooo i'm in love with my new shoes lah HEHEHE furry shoes don't judge!!!

$30 from Platinum Mall and they are quite comfy despite being close-toed shoes (haven't walked far enough to tell) at the moment so I consider it a successful buy.

Oh yeah jeans are new too. Around $33 from Union Mall. They are cute midi length ripped bell-bottoms! 😎

Recently 我的makeup是不是不错. 😂

But nothing beats all these amazing makeup apps wtffffffff 从凡人变仙女

Mamonde is coming to Singapore! 😍😍😍 It's a very popular Korean brand, you might have seen it in Seoul? The first counter in Singapore opens very soon (June most probably) at TANGS Vivocity!

The event was at Halia, Botanic Gardens and I got damn damn lost 😢 My poor uber driver took like four rounds around Botanic Gardens wtf. There was some construction work going on around the small roads and it took me 30 mins to find the right road 😩

Plus I was late for the event!!

But so happy that all my girls were at the event today – It's damn rare to have all four of us tgt?! The last time was during Marie's wedding in January!! And now she's almost about to pop!

@mariemjsoh @shiberty @melissackoh

I love Halia and lunch was great 😍 Plus some of Mamonde's new products sound super super interesting!

What we got to bring home – Mamonde's star products 🌸 Definitely my cup of tea because the products are all floral-inspired and developed with the unique properties of different flowers! Soooo pretty and feminine.

This is the product that caught my attention though! A blackhead remover stick??? Apparently it's very highly raved!

You're supposed to layer on water on your skin then use the blackhead stick to rub all over your nose haha.

Our outfits so super matchy! ❤️

Mamonde's E-Store is launched on Lazada already so you might wanna go check it out!! 🤗🤗🤗 I'm really quite keen to try the blackhead stick leh! It's supposed to be very amazing!

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