Dear Dayre,


A question that's been on the top of my head for awhile.

I've heard it all before, the promises and words. And it seems like no matter how convincingly they were uttered at that point in time, these words never took a firm hold to create real change.

What merits that this time will be any different? The worst is to actually hope for the best, and believing that a positive outcome will take place this time round. It's too much disappointment and hurt to handle.

Change cannot be led by actions – It has to come from the heart and be the result of a true understanding or awakening. It cannot be produced by the action or thought of "wanting to change for the better", but a genuine shift in perspective to correct a previously unhealthy or wrong mindset.

Oh well. Too much thinking isn't doing any good anyway, so retail therapy it is~~~

I love heading to town on weekday afternoons. Beat the crowd! Can shop in peace and not have to queue up all over the place, best.

Been wanting to get this palette for the longest time so TADAAAA! $36 for this slim and sleek Zoeva palette. All it really needs is a mirror but I can live without that. Love the colours and the ultra-pigmented powders!

It's perfect for travel cos it's so compact. Me likes.

You can find it at Sephora! There are other colours available too, but I like this particular Cocoa Blend palette.

Also ran into @mmodissa there 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 Hello babe! I'm always happy to run into readers/online friends 😚

I also wanted to shop for clothes (yes I do shop for clothes outside of TVD too hahaha and plus it serves for inspiration for some of our manufactured pieces!) but hor this season's clothes are just…. Abit off. Found nothing much that fit well and was affordable.

ZARA is my most preferred apparel brand in the past two years or maybe I'm getting old! I find that the quality and styles at ZARA are much more to my taste than the other usual brands.

Sometimes it's a bit pricey but generally I look for the value-for-money pieces that I think are worthwhile or will give me more mileage.

Gotta say most of the clothes this season tend on the more outrageous and flamboyant side, ruffles, embroidery, tassels and fringe etc etc. Nice but only for occasion or statement pieces hmmm.

I managed to get a couple of jumpsuits I really like from ZARA though hehehe 😍😍😍 Love jumpsuits. Saves so much fuss cos I don't have to think about how to pair which top with which bottom and etc!

I'm all set for your wedding this weekend liao @eilslie! I'm gonna wear 🌶🌶🌶 red so that I can outshine the chio bride. JUST KIDDING 😘 Can't wait to see you walk the aisle!!!

Other awesome things of late besides a fruitful retail session include cuddles with my babies. LOOK AT THAT SHIOK FACE AIYOHHHHHH she's such a sticky one haha like double-sided tape like that.

Silly girl cuddling up to me in my armpit and planting licky kisses on my face 😂

Check out that awfully innocent face when I brought her out to @jazreeltan's for breakfast last weekend!

Naughty girl peed on the Lows' carpet some more 😑 Sorry Jaz and Leroy! Hahaha

Breakfast made with love by @jazreeltan and assisted by Leroy, 我真有口福~~~ 😋

This sweet couple opened up their home to me, fed me, lent me their ears and advice, and then entertained me with card games LOL 这样的朋友哪里找!

Beware of your neighbour popping in a lot more often from now on, hehehe.

Thank god for the best girl friends. I must have done something really right in my past life hehehe all the good karma has come back to me! 🤗

I also FINALLY did something I've been meaning to get my butt down to doing for the past two years aka HIT THE GYM at Phillip Wain!

@shiberty and my disturbed faces. Not sure issit bcos of our horrifying body analysis results or issit cos we died after PT session hahahaha 😂

That's me at Phillip Wain doing arm press-ups or more accurately attempting to because why are my arms so weak wtf 😵

I will become stronger!


Love it that Phillip Wain is right in town though. Super convenient!

Had a good dinner to end my day. Shiok! 🤗🤗🤗

We accept the love we think we deserve.

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