Dear Dayre,

What I love about doing what I love ❤️❤️❤️

What a lovely start to the weekend hehe.

I miss Japan alreadyyyyyyyy.

But I told myself that I will abstain from self-indulging in travel this year, though if opportunities come along, I will still most definitely grab them 😅

Five trips in two months really abit 过份 so yay to staying in SG for the months of March and April 😂

I still have lots and lots of content to share for Seoul and Taiwan, it takes a lot of time to draft out travel blog posts, I gotta get down to it! 💪🏻

Been keeping busy this week with friends, events and work 😊

And with my dear Tricia who is always great company 😘 @vaingloriousyou

At the media launch of Ferragamo's latest fragrance – Signorina in fiore 🌸

Gotta love that signature ferragamo bow even on their fragrance bottle! So nice 😍

The scent itself is gorgeous too, light and floral with a hint of zest. Not too musky or overpoweringly sweet. I like it!

Feeling all girly and flowery in this ensemble heh.

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