Dear Dayre,

Good morning!

The weather is super fine today. And I'm making an effort to take public transport instead of uber 😂

❤️ my glasses. Worth $600 haha. I can't believe I actually lost the first pair when I was in China but I managed to get the exact same pair back again thanks to @reeniepoh who just happened to be in Seoul 🙏 So I paid for this pair of glasses, twice. $300 each time 😂

But you just can't put a value on some things. LOL. I think these glasses are perfect. And they are so comfortable, light-weight and good-looking! HOYA lens some more.

on personal boundaries

So recently some things have been going on my life or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I finally made a decision to do something about the negativity and unhappiness that's been happening.

Amidst the emotional turmoil, I think I've also been doing a fair bit of thinking and reflection on what I really want for myself, and one answer is clear no matter what.

I NEED to set certain boundaries in my life and realise that some things are not my responsibility or my fault.

I NEED to realise that everyone should be accountable for their own actions no matter what, instead of always directing the responsibility to another person.

I NEED to know that I shouldn't allow myself to be subject to blame when another party is unable to control their own actions or emotions. No more making excuses.

Healthy Personal Boundaries = Taking responsibility for your own actions and emotions, while NOT taking responsibility for the actions or emotions of others

And when all the above are happening, by just staying and tolerating all this nonsense, you are enabling unreasonable behaviour, and allowing this wrongful mindset to carry on and get worse.

So, walk away. Respect yourself first.

I met Adriana Lima today and she's a GODDESS. Is she even human, those legs???

And those stunning icy blue eyes 👀

Three of us just kept discussing about how perfect Adriana Lima looked lol. And she was so so so nice to us too! I know that's her job, but she did it so well.

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