TVD goes BKK ✈️ 4D3N

Dear Dayre,

Bangkok has been awesome so far!!! ❤️

Some of my cheap cheap shopping from Platinum Mall and Union Mall wheeeeee!!!

Mostly ranging from 200 baht to 700 baht 😎 That's like SGD8-30 hahaha

Some hits and some misses~~

#TVDbkk Leggooooo!

@cherriwong @hashyyusof 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

And our two bodyguards lolol.

Day 0: Greyhound Cafe / After You / Central World / Talad Neon / Massage at iSabai

Everyone loved the food at Greyhound Cafe! It's legit good and fairly affordable too. We were really hungry after our flight and this was our first stop of the evening!

Our fancy meal at Greyhound only cost us 1800 Baht – That's about SGD15 per pax. Reasonable eh. Heard that Greyhound Cafe in SG is really bad so… hahaha come to BKK for it ya

I can't ever miss After You when we are in Bangkok! It's just so good 😍

And the crepe cake~~~ So fluffy and creamy!

Greedy greedy~~~

I spent a bomb at this fragrance store in CentralWorld 😭 They have many branches around Bangkok so you can google for BsaB!

Their scents are damn nice and fresh. I bought scents for the car and room!! and even a pillow spray wtf spent like a few hundred dollars here 😰

We walked A LOT this trip. About 10km a day at least 😂

Went to Talad Neon, a new night market near Paladium Shopping Center! The shopping was so so but the food 😍 My favourite salt baked fish was damn good.

It's just so moist and tender 😍😍😍 Wish I could have more of this man.

Paired with fresh coconut and Thai milk tea, so much win 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

A coconut a day keeps the doctor away 😂

Don't know where we mustered up so much energy from cos we walked back to Pratunam area to do Thai massage hahaha 1h 250 baht cheap cheap~~~

Day 1: Cafe hopping at Thonglor / Platinum Mall / Southern Thai Cuisine / Healthland

All dressed in #thevelvetdolls whee! The trapeze dress is coming back in polkadots and my denim tee dress will be restocked soon too! The denim dungarees are upcoming 🤗

Breakfast at a random small eatery across the road from our apartment at Thonglor that sold really cheap and pretty delicious food!

Crab fried rice, duck rice, wanton noodles 😋 I think everything cost like SGD11 or something?

We spent our morning exploring Thonglor area and doing a quick photoshoot at one of the gorgeous cafes we spotted around Thonglor 😍

These dresses are super pretty and ethereal ❤️

I didn't take photos of the food but here's a photo of the empty plates from lunch at Platinum Mall LOL guess we were either hungry or it was good hehe 😂

No pictures of shopping too cos too busy!! But we spent three hours at Platinum until around 5.30PM when we met a couple of Thai friends who brought us to dinner at a Southern Thai Cuisine restaurant that was REALLY good!

More walking – From Thonglor BTS to the restaurant Khua Kling Pak Sod. The food was amazing!

We then headed to Healthland at Ekkamai for a two hours long massage for 550 baht~~~ Bliss!

Our local friends actually told us that we don't necessarily have to give a tip at massage centers although i've always thought that it was quite standard to tip. So they said that they would tip but not if they asked for it cos it wasn't compulsory. First time I heard from a local on the tipping practice so y'all can take note too!

Day 2: Karma Karmet / Union Mall / Artbox BKK / Chatuchak / Boat Noodles

Legit one of my favourite pastas 😍 Manila clams pasta!

Look at YZ's tee shirt 🙄 He bought it at Platinum Mall too the day before, it says "My wife made me fat so that nobody else would want me"

The girls enjoyed the food at Karma Karmet too!

The food here is pricey by Thai standards – We paid about SGD43 per pax but it's really good quality ingredients so I say it's worthwhile! We had a whole mud crab pasta (that was the most expensive at 1000 over baht) so it was more expensive.

Usual pastas and food cost around 500-800 baht I think?

Everyone orders this cos take photo for instagram 😂

But it's really very photogenic la!

Next stop, Union Mall!

We've actually been uber-ing around a lot cos it's more convenient and also pretty affordable!

Ok these are my favourite buys from Union Mall 😍😍😍

Bralettes!!! Damn nice and it was really cheap too! I just found the #bralette club on Dayre but actually i've been wearing bralettes since two years ago 😂 I bought a few from Urban Outfitters when I was in USA in 2015 and me loves the comfort and sexiness! 😬

I can't remember where I found them from cos is two different shops but I regret not buying more!

Other stuff I bought from Union Mall: cute pink skirt, pinafore culottes (hmmm this one didnt fit me as well need to decide to keep it or not) and a shirt dress! 🤗 Oh oh and the pair of jeans in the first photo above 👆🏻

Anyway, I don't understand why Thai sizes are so tiny 😂 Seriously hor I am a size XL for most of my bottoms lol my skirt was size L (biggest size) and it was just nice on me 😰 Where do the medium-sized girls shop sia!

I think I need to work hard to lose weight lol too many trips this year. Next one month must ground myself in Singapore and erm eat less.

We shopped like two to three hours at Union Mall before taking another Uber to Artbox Bangkok, nearby Chatuchak!

So Artbox is like this hipsterish flea market thing with little stalls selling clothes accessories and stuff, food stalls and live music!

The ambience was actually really good but I gotta say there's not that much to shop there. The highlight of Artbox was really the ambience and interesting food stalls!

There were some nice accessories but I wasn't very impressed lah. Didn't buy anything while we were at Artbox except food.

I feel that this was a nice spot for pictures and to chill but don't expect much from the shopping, hurhur.

We bought a lot of food to eat 😂

The Thai food was disappointing (we had tom yam soup with noodles and phad thai) but the hipster-ish food was yummy! Especially liked the steak bites, the fried korean chicken and the beef toastie burger! 😋

Moral of the story: Don't order thai food when you go hipsterish places 😂

My pretty rainbow drink which tasted like regular soda haha. A lady actually came up to me and asked if she could take a photo of my drink?!!!

I was tempted to say "Go buy your own" but I decided to be nice.

We chilled out with the live music while the sun set. It was really nice actually.

I felt like I was in Singapore…. Cos there were so many Singaporeans there 😅 Singaporeans issit really all flock to the same few places in BKK?

With the girls!

PS. Yes Cherri's floral playsuit is upcoming on #thevelvetdolls soon too!

After night fall – There's a little platform where you can admire the view of the night market (lots of pretty fairy lights) and take pictures!

Anyhow throw a stone will hit a Singaporean #justsaying

You would have thought we had enough of food but NOPE decided to make our way to Victory Monument to have Thai Boat Noodles!

We walked from Artbox through Chatuchak and then took the BTS from Saphan Khwai to Victory Monument for our second round of dinner!

Surprisingly Chatuchak was still super crowded at 8pm plus but it was too hot and stuffy to enjoy shopping there so mehhh we only walked through briefly!

This one is called Rua Thong Boat Noodles but there's another one right next to it called "Best Thai Boat Noodle" or something and I think I prefer the Best Thai Boat Noodle!

You can pick either pork or beef, and choose from different noodles. It's only 12 baht per bowl (but the bowls are tiny) and damn shiok 😋

The above plus our drinks cost 176 baht wtf that's SGD7. 便宜到~~~

That ended Day 2 of Bangkok~~~ Ate too much, shopped too much lol but so shiok~~

Day 3: Back to Greyhound Cafe / Central World / Platinum Mall / Airport

Our last day of BKK~~~ 🙁 Damn fast! Well we only stayed three nights (Thursday to Sunday) actually so it wasn't a very long trip to begin with.

I had plans to go On Lok Yun for breakfast but we scrapped those plans in favour of returning to Greyhound Cafe for the dishes we really enjoyed on Day 0!

Shows how much we liked Greyhound hor hahaha. Since we only needed to leave for the airport at 5.30PM, our afternoon plans was to return to Platinum for last min shopping ✨

We really ate like there's no tomorrow LOLLLLL ordered:

1 x skinny wings
1 x complicated noodles
1 x tom yam goong with noodles
1 x crabmeat pasta
1 x beef hash pasta
2 x crab fried rice
3 x thai milk tea granita


THE FRIED RICE. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thrre is legit more crabmeat than fried rice ok!

After we ate so much, it only cost us less than SGD25 per pax!

Soooo affordable.

(Random side note: culottes pinafore upcoming item!)

And then we went back to Central World and I sold my soul to BsaB and signed up for membership wtf.

I think I spent at least SGD300 at this evil place why does it smell so good?!

The salesgirl also very good she wasn't pushy at all but was so informative "If you buy two you get one more bottle free.." "if you spend another 800 baht you can get membership card and 1000 baht discount.." OMG TAKE ALL MY MONEY LAH

Thank you for spending all my money BsaB.

Best smelling thing ever.

We walked through from CentralWorld to Platinum Mall and got a hydration fix along the way: watermelon slushie! Wah so good in the heat except that I kept on running to the toilet afterwards hahahaha.

79 baht = SGD3.3!

And then back to Platinum Mall where I picked up a couple more buys including furry shoes and more bralettes (only $6 leh ok lah BUY BUY BUY)

@trishaliang and @evonnz judged me when I said I bought furry shoes but I told them "Aiya is fashion you all don't know one" 😂

CUTE WHAT! 750 baht, SGD31!

That last taste of mango sticky rice at Platinum food court….. 😢😢😢

Last shot of the happy faces and massive shopping loot lolol all in our luggages while waiting for the boys to be done!

And then we took an Uber back to our apartment to pack up and leave for the airport… 😢 x 100

Evening traffic is pretty bad so please play safe and factor in more time to get to the airport! Our flight was at 9.10PM and we damn kiasu. Left for the airport at 5.30 and we arrived at 6.30 hahaha. Then we had dinner!

Btw we also had a really bad experience at the ground floor food court zzz so DONT GO THERE LA. Don't bother. All the china tourists pissed me off so bad!

It was a pretty good trip and now I'm back in Singapore and need to get back to work too~~~ 💪🏻


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