Seoul Jan’17: Shake Shack at Gangnam Avenue – Totally worth the calories

Shake Shack Gangnam
Seoul’s Shake Shack – How does it compare?

Shake Shack Gangnam Seoul Korea

I remember my first taste of heaven – Shake Shack in Washington, December 2015! 

Imagine sinking your teeth into a fat crispy battered mushroom that’s filled with exploding cheese, layered atop more cheese and a juicy, meaty beef patty, then encased within two fluffy soft pillows of buns.. There’s nothing like a Shake Shack burger!

But the USA is a good twenty hours away from Singapore, and it’s been more than a year since I last tasted this sinful decadence.. Until our visit to Shake Shack in Gangnam Avenue, Seoul! 

I’ve been around Gangnam previously (had really good fried chicken at this place called The Fry Pan) but that was before Shake Shack was even available in Seoul, hence my anticipation!

Shake Shack Gangnam Seoul Korea
Back alleys of Gangnam Avenue; There’s a lot of good food around here!

The only places Shake Shack can be found in Asia is Seoul, Korea, and Tokyo, Japan – When are they opening an outlet in Singapore?

Shake Shack – Gangnam Avenue, Seoul

452 Gangnam-aero,
Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Open Daily: 11AM–11PM

Subway Directions:
Take the train to Sinnonhyeon (Line 9) Exit 5, walk straight down and you’ll spot Shack Shack on your left.

Shake Shack Gangnam Seoul Korea
I couldn’t pass up on the chance to reminisce that amazing burger since I was already in Seoul, so we planned a visit to Shake Shack into our itinerary, and I was really, really excited about it!

We got there in the afternoon, around 3PM and thankfully, the queue wasn’t too bad! A lot of people arrived after we did and the snaking line of customers extended all the way to the queuing area outdoors.

Shake Shack Gangnam Seoul Korea
Decor and concept-wise, it looked exactly like Shake Shack in the USA, with the same ordering system – You queue up to order then get your own table and wait to collect your food once it’s ready!

From arriving to getting our food on the table, it took roughly 30-40 minutes on a weekday, which wasn’t too bad already, I suppose.

Shake Shack Gangnam Seoul Korea

Here’s the menu that’s almost identical to the original Shake Shack, save for unique Seoul-exclusive items like the Red Bean Shake and Honey Butter Crunch Concrete! Pretty interesting, huh?

Price-wise, it’s affordable though on the pricier end for fast food – My Shake Stack cost 12,400 won or around 15 SGD.

Shake Shack Gangnam Seoul Korea
So excited to dig in, but of course the camera gets to eat first!

Verdict? Making the trip down to Shake Shack for lunch was absolutely worth the effort!

Shake Shack Gangnam Seoul Korea
The only disappointment I had: Shake Shack’s famous Crinkle Cut Cheese Fries (4,900 won) that definitely weren’t as good as USA’s – It was soggy and unappetising, I felt.

Shake Shack Gangnam Seoul Korea
Sam ordered a Double Cheeseburger with additional bacon!

Shake Shack Gangnam Seoul Korea
As for me, I stuck to my Shake Stack – Cheeseburger and a ‘Shroom Burger with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce!

THAT OOZING CHEESE. And I’m not even a big fan of cheese!! This combination is the best. I love the juicy portobello mushroom, molten cheese, and juicy beef patty all held together with yummy ShackSauce (a barbecue sauce). So sinful and sooooo good!

While I personally felt that my Shake Stack wasn’t QUITE exactly the same as its US counterpart, it was close enough to satisfy that Shake Shack burger craving I was having. Score!

Shake Shack Gangnam Seoul Korea
I also recommend trying the Seoul-exclusive Honey Butter Crunch Concrete, which I found very unique!

If you like the famous Honey Butter potato chips that have been all the rage in Seoul, this has a similar taste with a mild buttery taste and crunchy waffle cone pieces. It is very rich and sweet though like all of Shake Shack’s milkshakes and concretes, so I would suggest sharing this.

Shake Shack Gangnam Seoul Korea
Overall, though, we were very satisfied with our greasy, delicious, fast food lunch and I’ll still be waiting for the day Shake Shack comes to Singapore! But until then, you know where’s the nearest place to get your Shake Shack burger fix – In Seoul!

Accomodation – Airbnb

 Airbnb Seoul

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Wifi – Happi.Fi

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Rent your pocket WiFi from Happi.Fi’s website here.

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