Primo Garcinia FB/IG Scam

Dear Dayre,

Yasssss back in Singapore for a few days before BKK on Thursday woooo~~~ Then after that I'm staying grounded til the next time I have to fly again (which is I don't know when).

This two months has been a lot of flying – I've already taken 8 flights and Feb isn't even over wtf. 10 flights to mark the end of Feb haha. It's been mostly pretty good so I'm very thankful for that!

Taiwan is a super amazing country and I love how warm and hospitable the Taiwanese are, every trip just gets better and better, you know?

Looking forward to returning in August, although it's gonna be super duper hot then!

I received a lot of emails from you all asking to be added for my circle of trust but I can't add so many people 😿 I'm really sorry about that but I really really appreciate everyone's sincerity in wanting to be friends! ❤ I appreciate and treasure all of you so much, I will do my best to update more content for everyone and spend more time writing on Dayre.

Promise I'll add more people in if/when Dayre makes changes to their privacy settings!

Don't worry, most of my content will still be public mode. ❤❤❤

I've also been receiving a lot of emails and messages regarding my photos being mis-used to promote dubious weight loss products.

Unfortunately though, there's not much I can do about it but I have contacted my manager who has emailed the original lifestyleasia website to see if anything can be done.

☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻 Here's the reply we got from them 😟

It's really annoying man. I've even seen my photos being mis-used on Taobao and other websites too.. 😤 Its so unethical and horrible!

Just to clarify again, I am in no way affiliated with that dodgy scam website and its dubious weight loss products..!

You know what?

I just called the number listed for Singapore on this scammy website and it led me to an operator apparently in the United States and she said she was working for a company doing "Home Care Package" or whatever shit it is wtf. Then I said that this number that I called was linked from a weight loss product website and she kept insisting that I check if the number was correct and they do not sell any products. WTF?

I then asked for an email address so that I could send which ever company it is that I reached an email to let them know their number is being listed on the scam site but she said something about how she couldn't assist me on that wtf.

I'm not sure if anyone can try dialling the number listed for Singapore on the website, and see what they get? It's supposedly the "phone support" for this Primo Garcinia product – This thing is just turning dodgier and dodgier by the second.

On second thought – Don't dial the number ok. Cos if it's a long distance call, you'll need to pay the charge!! Ok don't do it.

I've also emailed the email listed but I doubt I'll be getting a response.

Not sure how else to spread awareness on this so I decided to blog about it becos I actually have readers and friends of friends asking if this is actually legit.. It's not!!!!

I hope no one has provided their CC details to the website 😟😟😟

My blog post is on so please feel free to share so that your friends and family don't get scammed by this website!

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