The last day of 2016

Dear Dayre,

Turning the clock backwards to do my last update of 2016! I was almost about to spend the last day of 2016 sitting around at home but I ended up spending a nice long brunch with Joelle – What a great way to finish up the year πŸ€—

My first time at The Laneway Market: I never realised this place was so near me (in the East!) It's at Tanjong Katong Road, and there's a huge open air carpark across the road (turn in at Caltex) so it's quite convenient πŸ€—

While waiting for Joelle: Made a new friend called Hector and his owner Ed chilling at the alfresco section of the cafe!

This huge boy was so gentle and friendly 😍 He looked so happy to get cuddles and rubs and even licked my face, what a cutie. Look at his deep soulful eyes!

Gotta say that Laneway Market is really pretty! It's tinier than I expected though.

Dashi Risotto that came with mushroom tempura. $20

Yummy fusion food that had such a japanese taste with the dashi stock. I liked the risotto, it was flavourful and the ingredients complemented well.

This was pretty good!

The roasted cauliflower was yum too, but at $15, I would have expected a larger serving. There was only a handful of cauliflower (which is not expensive) served atop a bed of mash. It was very buttery and delicious, just expensive. Would think $8 is more than enough a price for this.

Angus ribeye done sous vide style – $26

This was a lil disappointing for me because the steak done in sous vide style didn't have that nice, smokey charred flavour with melt-in-your mouth juicy insides, but sort of had that stringy sinewy texture of cured meat but without a nice meaty juiciness to it?

It wasn't bad exactly, but not up my alley and I definitely wouldn't order this again.

2 mains + 2 sides + 1 drink = $86, expensive. Next time, will go for cheaper items on the menu πŸ˜‚

This is so funny because in the middle of our lunch guess who walked right in (I recognised the dress together with the person)

None other than @cherriwong! πŸ˜‚ Wearing new dress from TVD and never iron somemore!

This is legit the first time we've bumped into each other outside, but now that we're staying in the same area(ish) maybe it will happen more often from now! 🀣

Thanks for being a part of my 2016 and barging in on the last day my dearest @cherriwong πŸ’•

Made Cherri take an OOTD for her TVD dress hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Coming up soon! So cute the mini polkadots. I don't like big dots but I like the mini ones. It also comes in White and Navy I think?

My poserish shot inside the cafe πŸ˜‚

There are a few more poserish shots but I shan't bore you with them 😊 After we finished our food (and OOTD-taking), we moved on to Birds of Paradise to get some ice cream!

Birds of Paradise is at East Coast Road, across the road from i12 Katong!

Second time back at BoP and I picked White Chrysanthemum and Spiced Pear! Should have done Pistachio and White Chrysanthemum though for a better contrast and more complementary flavours. The Spiced Pear blended into the White Chrysanthemum after awhile.

Huge double scoop in a hand-made thyme waffle cone for $8.70!

Really enjoy my catch-ups with this God-sent friend of mine! 😊 We need to do another girls trip for 2017!

Look out for this dress on #thevelvetdolls next week! 😍😍😍 Coming in Black, Navy and Pink. Love the simple cut and chic choker detail!

NYE celebrated with my favourite home-cooked steamboat! β€πŸ˜‹

'Twas a pretty good day. 😊😊😊

I received a mention on IG and when I tapped in to look it, I immediately felt humbled and touched 😌

So amazing, @pingpingbooo!!

It's true that we all need that timely reminder to be the best versions of ourselves! πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 Thank you for sharing, Chloe! You look healthy and beautiful now, please carry on loving yourself!

Made it through 2016…. 2017 is gonna be awesome!!!

Happy new year, everyone! ❀

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