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Seoul Day 6/7

Dear Dayre,

👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 Greetings from Taipei!
It's my first morning here and I love the super awesome weather 😍 15 deg hahaha so shiok! Two layers can liao not like Seoul 😰

I wanna finish up my Seoul updates though.. Two more days to talk about!!

Day 6 in Seoul

Actually I don't have a lot to say about Day 6 – That was the day we headed to Dongdaemun for shopping!

Oh and we caught some marvellous sun on our way to the shopping malls and spent 30 minutes taking OOTDS 😂

My outfit is so ridiculous but I love it hehe only in Seoul!

My fav shopping center is Migliore, which is kind of like a Platinum or Argyle Center kind of shopping mall with many tiny stalls selling so many different things that you can't possibly look at them all!

What I like is that you can shop by catergory, for instance all the accessories and shoes and bags are in one level while all the menswear is on another level.

You can also haggle down prices here but my advice is don't go too overboard 😂 Usually can bargain down by at least 20-30%! Or more!

No trying on for most clothes though except for outerwear.. A lot of clothes are also free-size so you need to do a lot of guess work to find clothes that will fit well/look good.

I bought a blue knit sweater which I kind of regret a little cos it's too shapeless 🙁 But I also bought some blouses and random accessories which turned out ok!

Got this blue bowler hat cos I've always wanted one. My head is too small for most hats so I got this after trying it on – Fit me very well! 😍

This is 19,000 won but yeah taobao probably have for a few dollar yeah 😂

We also went to DOOTA! which is the famous designerish mall and saw a new noodle concept food court at the basement called Myun Myun – They had a melted cheese spicy rice cake thingy and we ordered one to share!! Cheddar cheese melted on the spot and it was like WOAAAHHHHH……

Was 10,000 won with the cheese topping which isn't too expensive considering.

It was SO VERY SPICY but soooo good we couldn't stop eating it 😂 Thr rice cake cake with rice noodles too and the spicy broth was perfect.

Look at my lips after the spicy teoppoki no wonder all the Korean girls have such nice pouty lips must be all the spicy rice cake and kimchi 😂😂😂

I also bought the cutest pompom earrings from Migliore, my new fav earrings!! Can go find on Taobao too i'm sure 🙊

We went to Lotte Mart to dabao dinner back to our apartment! Sashimi and smoked duck from the cooked food section 😋 Eating in can be very fun hehehe the snow crab crabmeat sticks were sooooo good leh! Anyone likes crabmeat as well? 🤗

Three new cushions that I amassed over the past few days.

The Sulwhasoo one is my own! Bought a new refill for it cos it's one of my fav cushions.

Got the Laneige one just because the limited edition case is too chio! Innisfree and IOPE also do good cushions ❤

Day 7 in Seoul

My last full day in Seoul…!

All decked out to beat the cold with my super furry fur shrug from ZARA haha! New turtleneck, new hat, new earrings, new bag and new specs 😅

No regrets cos I love all the above purchases I made!

I had Shake Shack three times or something when I was in the US and boy it is the burger to beat all burgers! Apart from the US, Shake Shack is only available in Japan and Korea and I was really looking forward to having this scrumptiously sinful burger again!

We arrived at the Gangnam outlet at around 3pm and shortly after we got in relatively short queue, it started snaking behind us 😰

Luckily we only waited 30-40 mins or so from ordering to getting our food!

Glorious glorious food!

We ordered the burgers and concrete which is a fancy name for their ice cream 😜

I had the Shake Stack which is a cheeseburger topped with a deep fried portobello mushroom that oozes cheese!!


Just look at the cheese oozing out 😍 So much cheesy goodness!!!!

This was Sam's double cheese burger with bacon!

Go and try Shake Shack in Seoul if you're a fan of burgers! It's not quite as good as the original in USA but pretty darn close.

We were so stuffed after our fatty and greasy lunch lol and made our way to Bukchon Village to walk around and burn some calories!

Bukchon Village!

We caught the sun set and it was really nice though not super spectacular. The light in Seoul during winter is just perfect la.

OOTDs in some random alley way… 😂

Still very much in love with my new glasses ❤❤❤

Shopping at Myeongdong again! Wah love the color of this jacket but it was a bit too long and boxy on me. It was going on sale for only 30K won 😱 So cheap but I resisted haha didn't get it in the end!


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