Dear Dayre,

❤❤❤ Been jetting in and out of Singapore so much lately that my schedule has been so extremely packed but i'm glad i still have time to make for gfs!

Girlfriends are really blessings from heaven 😚

This bowl of crazy decadence at Black Cow – Premium wagyu don with Japanese wagyu beef steak, glazed foie gras, uni, caviar, onsen egg and shaved truffle atop garlic fried rice 😋 The combination was mindblowingly good!!! 😱 I didn't even leave a single grain of rice behind 🙊

It was also damn expensive at $85 but Tricia kept raving about it so I decided to YOLO and try la hahaha worth trying at least once!! I think YZ would like it too, I'll want to bring him back next time!!

Lunch set comes with a small salad, miso soup and a scoop of ice cream!

Just check this out!

I'm suddenly feeling so blessed and full of gratitude 😢😢😢😢😢😢

We crossed a milestone together after three long years of hard work, self-motivational pep talks and persistence, and it feels like a burden has been lifted from my head and my heart!

It feels a bit unreal almost hehehehe.

@yingdan @xiesimin but we really made it happen! We didn't give up 🤗


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