Vietnam Dec’16: Ho Chih Min City – A Travelogue

Vietnam was beautiful.

I loved the sights and sounds, that felt strangely foreign and familiar at the same time. Young kids playing in the alleys, roosters strutting about like they owned the ‘hood, street hawkers peddling their food, endlessly dangerous traffic that you have to learn to navigate with a brave heart and sure-footed steps.

My favourite part of this short trip to Vietnam: Spending so much time with my folks, and getting to snap candids of them – A rare opportunity. I do adore my two old folks very much, despite not seeing them as much as I ought to make the time for.

I want to capture them through my lens, because I’m worried that one day, when they’re no longer there for me, I will miss them dearly and regret all the times I didn’t. Didn’t hug them more, show them a little more affection, take a selfie or two.

It doesn’t matter that mumsy is complaining about her wrinkles and how ugly they are; she will always be beautiful in my eyes, regardless. As for papa, he may look like he doesn’t care an ounce about anything at all, but I’ve learnt that he does, even if he pretends not to.

I love you both, Daddy and Mummy 🙂

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