Getting the best air tickets for your next vacay using Skyscanner ✈️✨

Dear Dayre,

Can't believe what I just did 😅


Joining one of my oldest (in terms of our friendship age not her age. LOL) girlfriend in Seoul and basically intruding upon her annual holiday oops i love ya @tammikwok! ❤

It's gonna be cold and i'm secretly looking forward to a winter holiday!

"Let it snow let it snow let it snooowww" ❄️❄️❄️

I do love Skyscanner!

I'm sure most of you already use Skyscanner but if you don't.. It's one of the best tools for checking flight prices and booking flights IMO! They also do hotels and car hires but I mainly use Skyscanner for my flights.

There's a webpage but now there's even an app!

All you need to do is key in your travel dates and arriving/departing airports!

It finds the cheapest flights for you and you can filter the results in all kinds of ways. Direct trip or with stopover, timing of flights etc..

Flexible travel dates? Look for the cheapest days to travel

Here's the best tip for those that are able to be flexible with their travel dates: Check those coloured dots on the calendar to figure out which dates are the cheapest for booking your flights! You'd be shocked at how much the prices can vary 😱

❤ Red = exorbitant
💛 Yellow = moderate
💚 Green = cheapest!

Of course I'll still double check and compare various dates cos sometimes 💚 and 💛 doesn't vary by much.

$1161 vs $801

Look at this: Just one day's difference in travel dates on the exact same flight timing and same carrier is almost $400 difference! 😱

The listed price might also be for the shittiest flights (i.e. land in foreign country at 8pm or 9pm which kind of sucks cos you basically do nothing and pay for one more night accomm / depart early morning which means a wasted day and another night accomm)

So the best flights to maximise your time on holiday are red-eye flights that allow you to arrive early in the morning and leave late at night!

Check for the best value-for-money flight timings

Budget-wise, it might not make sense to always book those flights cos prices can differ by a crazy amount just depending on the flight timings.

I picked my flights and travel dates wisely: The best value for money – Arrive in noon, depart late night so I don't lose too much time!

Could have picked another flight timing to save myself $100 more, but that price/flight timing would mean I touch down at 8pm, which doesn't make sense!

$2091 vs $801

Another comparison with different flight timings on the same day: A crazy difference between $801 and $2091 😱😱😱

$2091 could buy me two tickets at $801 each and still leave me with $489 to spare, that amount could jolly well be what I spend on accommodation for the entire trip!

Low-Cost vs Full-Fledged

Another point of comparison for me is to compare the difference between budget airlines VS full-fledged airlines and direct flights VS flights with stop-overs.

In this instance, Airasia also flies to Seoul for $510, which is a couple hundred dollars cheaper than the direct flight option.

However, I would spend an additional 10 over hours either way in transit, losing 20 over hours – Almost an entire day due to the stop-overs!

Don't forget that most low-cost carriers require you to buy extra check-in baggage and have no meals onboard (unless you pay extra) while full-fledged airlines already have baggage and meals included!

I don't mind flying budget if it means a substantial amount of savings, but in this scenario, I'd rather pay $800 for a direct flight with my baggage and meals all included than $500 with no baggage, no meals, and 20 over hours lost in transit.

Always check the number of hours being lost in transit time!

That being said though, the last time I booked a flight to Japan, I went with Scoot because of the short layover at Taiwan that only cost a few hours of holiday time, it was half the price of SQ! ($1.1K vs $600)

So obviously in such a situation, yes go for the low-cost carrier and keep those savings, you can do a lot with $500! 😊

If it were SQ vs other full-fledged tho usually I'd go for SQ cos Singapore 🇸🇬 & Krisflyer account even if SQ is a tad more expensive (within $100 still reasonable)

In fact, SQ and other full-fledged carriers can be surprisingly affordable and almost as cheap as low-cost carriers if you book in advance and take advantage of ongoing promotions!

Too many choices nowadays. Sometimes want to take holiday also very 头痛 hor 😂

Well hopefully that wasn't too confusing and also was a little informative for those of you who haven't used Skyscanner much before!

Just sharing my flight booking process cos I love how I can easily compare all my options hahaa I love having different options, especially if they're good value-for-money options!

Yay to Seoul in two weeks time hehe! $800 for SQ with just two weeks notice – Okay lah quite reasonable 🤗 More importantly, looking forward to a winter getaway with my oldest friend 😘 It will be so fun together in Korea!!! Shop all the beauty products!!! Eat all the Korean BBQ!!! Gooooooo!

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