Dear Dayre,

So it's my wedding anniversary on the 1st!

I have nothing planned. Neither does YZ.

In fact… we have been SUPER boring lately.

No dates, save for meeting friends for dinner and sometimes for ktv afterwards. If it's the two of us, we usually just eat at home or with his family or somewhere cheap or convenient.

The only other couple activity we have been doing is.. going for foot reflexology and massage πŸ˜‚ Yeah that's the extent of our romance hehehe

We haven't done anything "paktor-ish" in a long time. And honestly speaking I have been feeling bored of this 老倫老妻 thing. The last time we went out for a nice dinner (travel not counted) was in August on my birthday!!!!!!

That's freaking four months ago 😟

Christmas Eve was nice cos we went out for a few gatherings and met up with friends and all that. But on Christmas Day, we basically did nothing. YZ played DOTA the entire day & so i just nua-ed my day away also.

This is getting depressing.

Is there nothing to do as a couple except eating gaizzzzzzzz. And yes watching movies sometimes. Issit coming to ten years of couplehood become like this??

So back to anniversary on 1st Jan. I think we are gonna end up at home again doing nothing while he plays DOTA and I nua-sai until I zek dio my shoulder (what happened to me on Christmas Day).

Should I even bother planning anything πŸ™

It's our two years of marriage anniversary!!!

I don't know what i'm expecting or what he'd want to do either. Watch some funny local standup comedy? Go for nice ATAS dinner?

Actually it's not that I have very high expectations or I want every day to be special but once in a while, it would be nice to do something special or different to rekindle a bit of spark and romance.

I think he a bit take it for granted cos I never ask for anything special even on occasions. I'm not the materialistic sort and I prefer to spend my own money.

So I've never received any surprise gifts from him too after marriage πŸ˜‚ I remember being soooo shocked when he bought me my Celine bag after forgetting my birthday in 2014! Only cos @reeniepoh hinted him and egged him on for me πŸ™Š He's never even heard of Celine before that LOL.

Like I've never received any Tiffany & Co necklace, Pandora bracelet, Chanel earrings that kind of presents πŸ˜‚ None not a single one I've never even stepped into T&C πŸ˜…

Even if he asked me what I wanted, I wouldn't have asked for such presents too but if it's a surprise it would be kind of sweet right. But then again his taste is pretty bad and also i can assure you he wouldn't know Pandora or Tiffany & Co anyway. So that's pointless then.

Presents aside (not that I've gotten him anything special too, of late so it's a mutual thing) it's quite the conundrum isn't it. What can we do that's special-er than usual for our anniversary? 😟

Bearing in mind that it's one day away.

@jasraine: Short getaway would be pretty tough cos of the short time frame! We did do a staycation for his birthday this year which I planned and it was really enjoyable.

I think partially I also just sian and don't really want to be the one planning cos it's always me 😭 but what can I expect cos planning for occasions is really not his forte πŸ˜‚ Wish I'd be the one being whisked away for a surprise day or something! Maybe i'm asking for too much.

Ok i think maybe we ought to at least go out for a nice dinner, yes? πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Booked dinner at Bedrock Bar & Grill for our wedding anniversary on 1/1! 😊

It's funny how I never considered that having our wedding day on New Year would make it more of a hassle for us to celebrate our actual day anniversary πŸ˜‚ But ah well, not a problem actually celebrating any other day is fine too πŸ€— So yay to simple dinner plans on the 1st, it'd be a lovely way to usher in the New Year too!


Thank you to @lycheerose @vuhronikuh @themerrymaker for sharing your thoughts and also reminding me that men can be very simple creatures that might need our outright hinting at times πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yes it's true I'm sure all our men want to make us happy and they will if we tell them how to do it! ✨

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