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NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk

NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk (Glowing Rose)

I can’t help but rave about the new NIVEA’s floral scented body moisturisers!

As you know, I fly frequently and I’ve been noticing how dry and dull my skin has been looking.. Not just on my face, but on my body as well 🙁 Seems like I can’t slack off on my body care routine any further, and so NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk couldn’t have come at a handier time!

Did you know?

NIVEA is a trusted name in skincare and has over 100 years of skin and body care expertise. In Singapore, NIVEA is the #1 brand for Hand & Body Moisturisers and I’m not surprised to hear that!

*Based on Nielsen FY 2015 data for Hand & Body Moisturiser category in Singapore

NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk – Glowing Rose & Relaxing Lavender

NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk

For those who love flowers and floral scents as much as I do, I’m certain that you’ll also love the new NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk cos it comes in two gorgeous delicate scents: Glowing Rose and Relaxing Lavender.

This mild yet highly effective body moisturiser contains NIVEA’s care essence and indulging floral fragrances, and gives you smoother and softer skin even after 12hours after application!

NIVEA Oil in Milk Body Lotion – Glowing Rose

Rose leaves a feminine fragrance trail and has healing and rejuvenating benefits.

I have always been addicted to rose fragrances, and NIVEA Oil in Body Milk in Glowing Rose has such a heavenly scent! This scent makes me feel pampered and revitalised immediately – It’s a beautiful and subtle fragrance that’s floral and fresh without being jarring.

NIVEA Oil in Milk Body Lotion – Relaxing Lavender

Lavender soothes and calms the senses.

For stressful and tiring days, NIVEA Oil in Body Milk in Relaxing Lavender is the perfect way to unwind and take care of yourself at the same time! The comforting lavender scent relaxes my senses and puts me in the right frame of mind for a restful night.

The texture of NIVEA Oil in Body Milk is creamy without being thick, I love how it absorbs into the skin with a non-sticky finish, leaving my skin silky smooth and soft! It does a great job at hydrating my dry skin and locking in moisture. It feels absolutely pampering, especially with that delightful fragrance. I love it!

My favourite is NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk in Glowing Rose – I can’t get enough of that fresh and feminine floral scent!

Indulge your senses and take care of yourself with the new NIVEA Skin Delight – it’s just divine!

Available at all major pharmacies and super markets in 250ml ($7.90) and 400ml ($10.90).


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