Dear Dayre,

Having a headache now plus my period is here so I'm feeling totally sian right now 😭😭😭

Monday blues are realllllll. Except it's now Tuesday liao time is really passing TOO quickly.

I've been staying up way too late – Only got home at six am after supper with the friends after my gigs on Saturday, then slept rather late too last night at 2am. Not a good habit for sure and I need to be a little healthier with my lifestyle πŸ˜…

Got this random cap for $13 outside Scape on Saturday while supporting Ariane for her showcase/performance! So cheap although the workmanship is quite lousy. Ok lah $13 can.

Also, speaking of Saturday! I was really really thankful I made it through five sets without losing my voice πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» Though my sets at Unplugged weren't very awesome but well every time is a learning experience and I'm always positive πŸ˜™

Went back to Savour on Sunday whoop whoop! And stuffed ourselves silly with food!

Best steal of the evening had to be these oysters going for 1-for-1 😍😍😍

We had 24 oysters for $28!! Super worth it or what. And the oysters were fresh and good! πŸ˜‹ So so so shiok!

$5 Hokkaido lavender soft serve!

Lavender flavoured ice cream always makes me feel like I'm eating a nice expensive lavender hand cream LOL but it was actually really nice. So creamy and delicious!

I nearly forgot that I had to attend a dinner with Dior earlier but phew good thing @evonnz reminded me πŸ˜… It just slipped my calendar somehow…. Rushed down from office and was glad I didn't miss the dinner, it was such a lovely session with the team from Dior! Great food from Shangri-La, and we even had an art-jamming session after dinner. Fun! πŸ€—

Our appetiser was served up under a metal cover and when we were all told to uncover it together, there were so many shouts of delight from everyone! 😍 Beautiful new Dior cushion launching next year! ❀️❀️❀️ So exciting that we get to try it first!

My appropriately-festive outfit: Culottes Jumpsuit that's launching later on #thevelvetdolls!

Fabric is so love. It's very comfy and has a nice stretch to it, with enough structure for the culottes to flare well. (if you understand what I mean….)

It's exclusively manufactured by TVD and comes in sizes XS-XL if I remember correctly! EDIT: Comes in XL too!

Anyway, I really like this jumpsuit cos it's really versatile and great for different occasions! Work, wedding dinner, date etc etc all also ok. It is a nice classic cutting and very easy-to-wear colors: Black, Grey & Wine!

The sash is attached to the jumpsuit (don't need to tie and untie when going toilet which is awesome) and can be styled in different ways too ❀️

If you remember I wore the black piece for @cherriwong's wedding! Which was the sample piece and it was a little too low cut so we made some modifications and raised the neckline so it's more wearable!

Another interesting way to wear the jumpsuit is pinafore style with a top inside for a preppier look! Cherri kept the grey and wore it with a pink top inside which looks cute too hehe.

Excited for new arrivals tonight! Later will share more previews for the new arrivals kay πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

My head is throbbing (I don't usually get headaches) but yet I can't get to sleep! It's almost 2am again so there goes my plans of having an early night. Sigh pie. Still got quite a far bit of work to complete but I haven't managed to get my work done yet. πŸ˜ͺ

Good Tuesday, all!

Taking a coffee break from work now so I can share the new arrivals πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

Here's how Kylie Culottes Jumpsuit looks like on Cherri!

Cherri wears a size S which fits her perfectly. The shoulder straps are adjustable too for a better fit 😊

We crossed the two ends of the sash at the waist and then secured it at the back for this look ❀️

Alternatively, you can tie a bow in front hehe! I've always loved bow details so this one is my favourite way of styling the jumpsuit 😍

Or just tie a loose knot for a more casual look. We paired this with our basic knit tee in black which will also be launched tonight!

This jumpsuit comes in sizes XS to XL cos of all the feedback from you girls! XS will fit a UK4-6 and XL will fit a UK12-14 πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Qtpie Cherri werking the preppy look in grey!

Another piece that Cherri kept for herself is this peekaboo lace maxi! 😍😍😍

It's really really gorgeous! I love the eyelash lace details and the see-through skirt ❀️

It comes in two shades: Navy and Peach!

The peach one is so sweet. Can envision it as a bridesmaid dress too ✨

Sizes S, M, L & XL!!

The lace details are totes love 😍

For the laid-back ladies! This graffiti trapeze dress is great for warm days β˜€οΈοΈ Can pair it with sneakers for casual days….

Or with heels for work or dates! ❀️

Fabric is non-sheer even for the white print and of course it comes with inner lining too.

Our shopaholic @Cherriwong also kept this πŸ˜‚

Sizes S, M & L!

The Alene Crochet Midi Dress is also back in a new and festive shade of wine! This dress is still one of my favourite crochet dresses ever ❀️

Sizes S, M & L!

Work is better with a hazelnut latte βœ¨β˜•οΈ

New arrivals are up, so shop away, #dayreshopaholics!

Found another photo of the Kylee Culottes Jumpsuit! Hehe omg my hair was so short then!

Actually returning to Salon Vim tomorrow, can't wait to refresh my hair color in time for December!

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