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Dear Dayre,

ALRIGHTTTTT finally new arrivals on TVD! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Last month was a bit slow, what with warehouse sale and all that but we're so gearing up for year-end and CNY already!

Btw girls CNY is in January this year so don't wait til too late to get your CNY outfits settled.. 🙊 Can start looking liao it's already November! ✨

Last night, I gave myself a heart attack for nothing 😂

After photoshoot ended at 11 ish, I drove Cherri home before happily driving back to my place, pleased with our hard work during shoot and all ready to start editing the photos.

Reached home, took a hot shower and pulled out my laptop to get started on the photo editing.

I opened up my bag to retrieve my SD card from photoshoot – I remember placing it inside my pouch (where I keep receipts, cards and some misc stuff)…

My SD card was missing!!!!

Oh no!! Where did it go? Rummaged through my other coin pouch as well, nope, not there.

Hmmm.. must have left it in the camera (back in office)?? I thought.

I really wanted to get work done and I couldn't wait til morning, so I decided to drive back down to office to retrieve my SD card. It was already close to 1am and thus my dear hubs decided to drive me back to office to look for the card 💕

I reached office 15 minutes later and took out the camera, flipped open the SD card compartment…

It was empty! 😰😰😰

I KNEW I remembered removing the SD card! So my memory didn't fail me as I thought it did. Just where was my SD card zomg! Three hours worth of photoshoot images with a lot of hard work put in by various people, and lots of my personal pictures all on the SD card 😫

Maybe I dropped it in the studio (need to call next day), or maybe I left it in my pocket (in which I might have drowned it in the shower already cuz my clothes were strewn on the toilet floor) but one thing was clear, the SD card wasn't in the camera 😵

This is the moment I started panicking slightly hahaha. I told YZ I'd go back home to look for the card again but my heart was sinking at the thought of the missing SD card & I feared for the worst – that I dropped it somewhere & it was goneeee.

Turns out… false alarm HAHAHA ugh went back home, couldn't find it in my pants and looked through my pouch again in a desperate last attempt — The dumb SD card WAS inside my pouch but it got kiapped inside a folded piece of paper and was totally inconspicuous.. until I unfolded the piece of paper with a prayer in my heart and TADAAAAA YES IT WAS THERE 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Would have died if i lost the SD card 😭 Phewwwwwwww.

Make me so gan chiong in the middle of the night tsk but thank God hehe!

Tonight's new arrivals!

This gorgeous crochet midi dress is super love!

The cutting is so elegant and feminine, very flattering too with a nice and demure length!

I wear a size M which fits me perfectly 😍

The navy crochet contrasts beautifully with the nude lining and looks extremely classy 💕

Cherri kept the navy for herself!

I like how it can be worn with sneakers for a very casual and girly look.

Comes in sizes S, M & L ✨

This is the trench dress / coat that I wore in Japan!

It can be worn as a dress or as a coat, and is perfect for layering in cool weather 😍 It looks good as a dress too, with a cute trumpet skirt!

I love the textured fabric lots!

Comes in S, M & L ✨

Couldn't stop admiring how effortless Cherri looked in this simple and fuss-free colorblock number! 💕

I like the minimalistic colorblock design that looks good on its own, you don't need to accessorise this dress much! The fit is clean and structured and I think it's very suitable for work, you can easily pull a blazer or cardigan over this dress and still look very stylish 👍🏻

It has handy pockets as well!

Comes in S, M & L ✨

Not sure which color combination I like better 😍 The first one is pink x navy and this is mustard x black!

Both are very chic and stylish, can't decide!

I am totes in love with off-shoulder designs and this gorgeous dress is so nice!

Love the dainty off-shoulder design and how it has a ribbon tie in the middle to help accentuate your waist 😍

It's not too formal but would be suitable for a variety of occasions depending on how you style it!

Sandals or sneakers for a casual date, or you could go more glamorous with a pair of nice heels and some statement jewelry for a party or dinner. 🙌🏻

It comes in White, Sky and Grey!

Very wearable soft shades that look so classy and understated.

Comes in XS, S, M & L!

Really like the crochet dress in white and feel like keeping the navy too! 😍

I paired it with my leather jacket and a scarf to keep warm when I was in Japan!

And the trench dress/coat!

It's just a slightly thicker than usual fabric so I won't recommend it for anything below 15 deg!

I do like how it looks when you layer it with a long sleeved top inside though!


Remember this pinafore? We will be restocking it tonight and this is one of the nicest pinafore I own!

The fabric is so silky and slinky, ultra comfortable!

I wear M for this pinafore! 🙌🏻

8.30PM tonight on www.thevelvetdolls.sg! 🌟

The new arrivals are online, #dayreshopaholics! ❤️️

Post warehouse sale — our humble little office looks so much less cluttered after our new stocks have been organised and packed neatly onto the racks, thanks to my efficient girls! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Hope to makeover the office real soon, it needs a change!


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