Dear Dayre,

I downloaded and installed ios beta so that I could test out the new portrait depth effect function! It's surprisingly decent, actually!

The camera on my iPhone 7 plus definitely beats my previous iPhone 6 hands down.

Check out that (fake) depth of feel! And also @Jenrine meticulously drawing my nails hehe.

She's totally the best when it comes to nail art. Really pleased with how this set turned out!

End results, so so pretty!

I love the striking color combination and the marble/gem look with ethnic tiles.

Fortunate to have The Nail Artelier taking care of my nails! 😝 I'd have really ugly nails otherwise because I am too lazy to groom them myself.

The Nail Artelier is at North Bridge Road and Kembangan! More deetz on their IG @TheNailArtelier!

Absolutely stuffed after dinner with the fam! So full!

👆🏻 Shot with the new Olympus E-PL8 and 12mm f1.2 lens! Iphone depth effect is cool but it's hard to fight with a good camera and lens ✨

I'm so exhausted now I think my period is coming. Please come before I go Japan can? Haha 😂

Just passed @Cherriwong her very last bridesmaid dress and keeping my fingers crossed that everything will look gorgeous tomorrow!! Whooooo!!! Can't wait to see the beautiful bride! 👰🏻💐

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