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Dior Rouge Poison Matte 962 💄

Dear Dayre,

Going dark tonight with a purple lip color! Eh I didn't dare to go too dark initially so it looks kind of burgundy here.

I hardly do dark lip colors cos I feel weird in them! More of a peach, nude or bright pink person when it comes to lips 👄

This purple ain't too bad though, I do like it and it gives an edgier feel which works for an evening look!

Wearing Dior Rouge's Poison Matte here 💜

It's nice to dress up too, once in a while! 💜💜💜

Currently at the most glamorous wedding I've ever attended right now and it's at St Regis 😹


Very stress cos St Regis cannot anyhow wear ok. Managed to dig out my very nice bustier top and paired it with pants from @vaingloriousyou's store! 💕

We just attended Sherlin and Yao's wedding a couple months ago and now it's Wanting and Andy's turn!


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