Dear Dayre,

I've blogged about my last Japan trip! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

F I N A L L Y….!

Halfway through Fiji, done with Japan. Next up I'll be completing Fiji, BKK, and Pattaya!


I spent at least three to four days editing photos and writing the post, so pop over to read it maybe? 😊

🇯🇵 8 Uniquely Awesome Things To Do In Japan! 🇯🇵

Link at 👉🏻

@trishaliang is in Japan now and I am mad jealous 😭 One can never get enough of Japan!

I really did do a lot of interesting and cool stuff during my last trip so it was very fun.

Also a shout-out to @ChangiRecommends wifi device! It was awesome during my Japan trip and I didn't even have to charge it while on the go, even when I was out the entire day.

Got you guys some promo codes if you'll be travelling soon! ✨
✈️Taiwan $5/day: yina5
✈️Japan,Korea,China,Malaysia $8/day: yina8
✈️Hong Kong $10/day: yina10
✈️Europe $12/day: yina12

If I'm not wrong, the promo code expires end of Sep so do utilize it by then if you'll be travelling soon!

Changi Recommends also has a service called "Flight Watch", a complimentary service by , where you can receive real-time SMS flight updates sent to your mobile phone. You can do a quick registration or find out more information here at 😁

My favourite activity during my Japan trip was.. Blueberry harvesting!!!

I love fresh fruits and I have a special soft spot for Japanese fruits. They always taste magically better somehow!

Getting to pick blueberries straight off their trees was so fun, I loved looking for the biggest and ripest blueberries while picking them and popping them straight into my mouth 😻

And indeed the blueberries were so much nicer than the ones we can find in Singapore's supermarkets.

They were so big and plump, and so very sweet! No tartness at all and even the skin was tender somehow.

That dusty white bloom means that the blueberries are extremely fresh! Of course they were cos I picked them only minutes ago 😁

Act yi ge glamorous while blueberry-picking. In actual fact, it was a blistering hot day which made things a lot less glamorous 😂

And I have never tasted better blueberries muffins ever! Fresh ingredients make all the difference….

Happy happy me.

Happy sigh. Next time I want to pick kyoho grapes! I would be so deliriously happy if I get to do that.

💕💜 My dress

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